Moving Comfort FineForm Sports Bra Review

When I first started running, I only had one sports bra. It was a cheap one from Walmart and didn’t really fit me well. Since then, I have purchased a few more sports bras, almost all from different brands. My sports bras were all the same style though – the ones you have to wrestle over your head to get on. We all probably have a story or two about getting sports bras off after a workout. When I was asked to review some Moving Comfort sports bras, I specifically chose sports bras that were different than the pull over kind. I have already reviewed the Fiona Bra, which has adjustable straps, clips on at the back but irritated my skin a little bit.

The next bra that I was able to review was the Moving Comfort FineForm Sports Bra. Similar to the Fiona, this bra secures at the back. The FineForm has two different styles for the straps: open back or racerback. The straps of the bra are made out of Drylayer adapt fabric which allows the bra to adapt to your movements. The material is very soft and feels more like a regular bra. Sort of like a fancy sports bra. You could totally wear the FineForm as a regular bra if you wanted to. The FineForm is an encapsulation style sports bra, but is a unicup design. If you don’t like the feeling of being squished, you will like this sports bra.


Since receiving the sports bra, I have worn it several times as it is one of my favourite sports bras. I have worn the bra for biking/time at the gym, running steady runs and the ultimate test: running speed workouts. When I ran a speed workout with the FineForm on, I forgot to bring the straps together to make it a racerback. I was quickly able (while running) to clasp the straps together with one hand. After completing one lap with the straps in “openback” style, it is noted that I felt I had more support with the straps in racerback style. The straps are “self-adusting” and don’t have adjustable straps like the Fiona. But that works for me, as I felt that the adjustable straps on the Fiona made my skin itchy.

IMG_5810 FullSizeRender (5)

Unfortunately, you will not get to see a picture of me wearing the bra because of my job/students know about the blog –  so you will have to take my word that this bra fits and feels amazing. It provides more than enough support for running and looks great. You know how you save certain workout wear for certain days, not wanting to wear your favourites all at once? That is how I feel about this bra. I feel like I don’t want to waste it on a short workout. Maybe I’m the only one that thinks that 🙂



I mentioned it last time in my Fiona review, but Brooks is pretty relaxed about trying products and returning them if it doesn’t work for you. You have 90 days to try out a product and return it if necessary (Americans – shipping is included. Canadians, there is a number to call). If you don’t wear the product, you have a full year. One thing that I just noticed browsing the Brooks Running Website – is that right now, there is FREE shipping on products to Canada and free returns for a limited time. So if you really wanted to try out some running gear and are from Canada, this might be a good time to purchase some Brooks/Moving Comfort clothing!


Disclosure: I received a Moving Comfort FineForm Sports Bra from Brooks for review purposes. I was not compensated for the review. All opinions are my own – including telling you about the Canada shipping deal 🙂


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  1. Hollie

    I work at a local running store and we sell the fineform. I feel like it’s definitely a bra you have to get on and try out because it doesn’t look like it has great support in store. I love the bra personally.

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Yes, agreed! It might not work for everyone. I feel that way about the Fiona. It felt great, looks great but then it irritates my skin

  2. Jen @ Pretty Little Grub

    Yay for free shipping! I don’t have any sports bras that I don’t have to wrestle over my head so this definitely interests me. Particularly for arm days when I can barely lift my arms above my head after a workout.

  3. Diana

    This is a great sports bra to have, I own one of these and I always find it so comfortable. The straps are comfy and are not tight at all. Yeah One thing it does make noise from some shoulder movements but its not a hiccup. I would definitely recommend this to women.


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