Ottawa Marathon Training: Restarted!

Happy Monday!

This weekend went by super quickly. I was in Toronto/Mississauga for about 24 hours as P had a robotics trip. Max started acting weird on the way there and had his first headache. Then on the way home on Saturday, we made it all the way to Ottawa and 15 minutes from home and he vomited. Lovely! He is doing better but awfully cranky and just took an hour long nap on the couch.

Anyways – I started running again last week – finally!

Monday – GoodLife

I went to GoodLife for my usual bike + weights workout. I was a bit limited on time, so I only went on the bike for 15 minutes and followed up with rows + press/twists. I’ve increase the weights and I can feel it in my arms when I run.

Tuesday – 3.5K on the treadmill

Right now running is very, very slow. I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill but only got to 3.5K. My leg felt ok with no sharp pains or any cramping. I made sure to full stretch after my run.

Wednesday – 3.5K on the treadmill

I had a bit more time at GoodLife, so I ran 3.5K (a bit faster at 27:00) and then did a series of weights. I did notice that my post tib was acting up just a bit. I did some chest presses, overhead press/twists and some medball exercises.

Thursday + Friday – Off

My leg felt a bit tight, so I simply just stretched, rolled and relaxed. I had parent-teacher interviews on Thursday so I didn’t have a chance to run at all on the track. Friday, I was busy at school and then left at lunch to head to Toronto.

Saturday – 4.5K outside

There is a noticeable difference between Ottawa sidewalks and Mississauga sidewalks. I’m typing this on Sunday morning and as I look outside, my little street is once again covered in snow. Mississauga – the snow is pretty much gone. Snow covered sidewalks do not agree with my leg right now, so running outside is limited. It was really nice out in Mississauga, so I ran for 30 minutes and ran 4.5K. I forgot my running jacket at home, and had to run in my school sweatshirt + my long sleeved tech shirt, but that was fine. I was actually too hot with it on. I noticed that running on the street was way better than the treadmill. I did K-tape my leg and that seems to help quite a bit. I did the same k-tape procedure in September when I started running again and it just works really well. I also stopped by Running Room on my way to the parents and bought one of those spikey balls for my feet. Game changer! Running outside felt great and is making me very eager for early spring running!


I think part of the problem is that my left leg is super tight. I have an appointment with my RMT on Thursday and then the following Thursday an appointment with my PT. I’m probably going to alternate each week and keep seeing them until my leg issue is 100% ok. I’m also going to continue keeping good habits and ensuring that I stretch and roll daily. I’m also working on strengthening my post-tib as well.

Some have asked about the marathon and right now it is still a go. If everything goes well in the next couple of weeks, I will be more than ok. If I have to walk some of the marathon, I will. Remember NYC – I was fully stopped for a total of 40 minutes during that marathon. I could easily run/walk the entire thing and I would probably still have a decent time/most likely PB. Not worried. I will be worried if I have pain again. But hopefully not 🙂

This week – the return of the long run! Hopefully outside! 

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  1. Hollie

    I always found when running on snow that one of my legs would somehow get tighter than the other. I have no idea why! I like deep tissue massages which help to alleviate tight muscles and I always feel better afterwords.


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