Training Lately #7

Happy Monday! Actually it is Tuesday now…

Today was a bit of a hectic day as I finished things up at one school, went to a few meetings (and a lunch) and my PM school, and grabbed some keys for my new AM location. Semester 2 starts tomorrow! I have a bit of a busy night getting some things ready. I had most of this post written by Monday evening, but then I got busy working on some course work.


My training last week was 3x of the same workout. I went to GoodLife three times and did the same thing each time: bike + weights. Because of timing, two of the days were only 15 minutes of bike time, but on Thursday I managed to get 25 minutes of bike time in. I somehow lost my iPhone headphones and luckily had a spare pair so I could listen to music. My weights was a mix of everything including:

  • squats with heavier weights
  • rows
  • pull-downs
  • medball exercises
  • lots of glute/hamstring exercises
  • rotational chest presses

My leg is getting better, but is still a work in progress. I think I have to make an appointment with my physio to get a few niggles sorted out. I found a few spots along the inside of my ankle that seem to have some tension/knots and I can’t roll those out. I’m probably taking another week off running just to be ready for when marathon training really starts. It isn’t like I’m sitting around doing nothing. I have lots of time.

On the weekend, I was supposed to run the MEC race in Ottawa, but instead we went to Toronto to surprise my Mom for her birthday. One of my friends ran the race, and it was probably good I did not run the race as apparently parts of the route were snow covered. Part of the reason I’m in this pickle is because snow covered paths make my post-tib over load a bit. While in Toronto, we got to meet “Uncle Bryan” aka Bryan Baeumler. He is a Canadian HGTV star and we probably watch way too much House of Bryan, Leave it to Bryan, etc. Max has a nice autographed picture.



Starting this week, my workout schedule will start to change a bit. I now work only 5 minutes from home and work at a late start school. I should be able to get most of my workouts done in the AM now, rather than rushing around in the afternoon. Even today, I had all this time. I dropped off Max a bit later (he slept in), grabbed a coffee and still made it to school with an hour to spare.

Anyways, I have to go to my PM school today to cover a music class – then it is off to GoodLife!


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