Training Lately #8

Hey There!!


I wish I had a running update for you, but last week was just another week of the same old thing – biking, weights and drills! My leg is feeling quite a bit better, but I just attempted a treadmill run and my leg was having none of it, so I stepped off .25 miles in and went on the bike instead. I haven’t worn my Sorels in over a week and wearing my running shoes at work. I’m sure I’m super classy with my footwear choices, but I would really like my leg to cooperate soon.

Anyways – workouts!

Tuesday and Wednesday – GoodLife

I’ve gotten into a little routine at GoodLife. Some days I bike for 15 minutes and some for 25. It really depends on how much time I have. I do alternate between easy and hard resistance to make the time go by a bit quicker but also provide a decent workout. I rock out to my music and try to keep a steady pace. I’ve noticed that biking has become easier. After I finish with the bike, I do a number of assorted weights. On Monday and Tuesday I worked on squats (moving up to 35lbs of weight), medball drills and hamstring exercises. I also noticed that (finally) the press and twists at 20lbs is now finally getting easier, which means it is time to increase those weights as well.


Thursday – Running Drills, Lunges and 1K of easy running

I went to the dome a bit earlier to get a bit of a workout in before track practice. I ran 1K around the track at a very easy pace. After I completed that, I did a number of running drills and lunges. I noticed how much more stable I felt in all the variations of lunges. Normally I’m all wiggly. My leg didn’t bother me at all.


Friday – Bike + Running Drills at GoodLife

I went back to the gym on Friday and spent 25 minutes on the bike, and followed up with some running drills. GoodLife has a group exercise room that has a bunch of mirrors set up. I was able to check out my form and surprisingly it wasn’t bad. After work I went to Laser Quest (Laser Tag) with some fellow staff members. I worked up a bit of a sweat!

Also – those Brooks Glycerins – they totally light up under black light. The black light made me look like I was wearing spaceship shoes!



Honestly – it wasn’t a bad week. My leg has improved and I just know it takes awhile for my post-tib to calm down. I’m not really worried about Ottawa Race Weekend as I still have tons of time and really, if I have to, I will walk the thing. It isn’t like I’m spending $$ on a hotel and driving all the way to Toronto. If things don’t go well, I can alter my plans quite easily. Except switch to the half marathon. The half marathon will probably sell out by the end of the month. Unlike STWM, this running injury comes at the very beginning of a training cycle and I felt at STWM if I had maybe 2-3 more weeks, I could run a marathon. I only had 7 weeks before STWM, so at 16 weeks out, I’m not overly concerned. I’m just going to keep going on the bike and see what happens. I do need to make an appointment with my physio though so she can do her magic.

That is that – nothing much I can do about it 🙂

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  1. Jen @ pretty little grub

    I think you’re doing a great job. You’re still maintaining your fitness so hopefully that leg starts cooperating soon.

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Yup, it is just super frustrating because it feels just fine when I’m doing everything else. Even in August with the first round, I could feel it walking/on the bike. Now it doesn’t bug me except for when I’m running 🙁


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