Training Lately #9 – more of the same

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying Family Day if you are from Ontario. Family Day is a bit of a different holiday here in Ottawa since we are a Federal government town and Family Day is an Ontario-based holiday. Quebec is business as usual. So, lots of people are working. It is like Remembrance Day for us teachers when everyone but schools/emergency services seems to be closed. Tomorrow is looking like a bit of a winter storm day. Perhaps a non-snow day, snow day? What that means is I still go to work, but there are next to no students at the school as we are over 60% bussed in (the rest just don’t show up). Super long weekend!

Last week was much of the same in terms of workouts, but a little less of GoodLife. I only managed to get to the gym twice last week as school and home renovations kept me a bit bus. Also, on Friday, it was a PD Day and I had to go to the University of Ottawa for my PD session. It was a session on the new Ottawa LRT system, which was interesting but ate up my entire day. The weekend was entirely lost to home renovations. For the most part, I complete all of my workouts during the business week as I have significantly more time. Weekends are just busy!

In terms of my GoodLife workouts, I stuck to my usual 25 minutes of biking + weights. What I have noticed about the biking, is that it becoming easier. I monitor my heartrate while biking and have noticed that my heart rate isn’t skyrocketing up high anymore. I am basically right in the zone I want to be at. I’ve also noticed that biking isn’t too hard on my legs anymore. It is still a workout, but I’m not struggling as much. I’m probably going to start increasing the amount of time I spend on the bike. Something else that I’ve noticed is that because of all the weight training that I have been doing, especially focusing on hamstrings/hips/glutes that lunges are so much easier (and look better) now. Progress! During all this home reno stuff, I’ve had to help lift several heavy objects. I’m constantly arguing with the husband when I struggle with carrying something, that it is not my strength that is the issue but my tiny hands gripping whatever we are lifting. I might have even threatened to bench press the new shower pan (that is super heavy). I’m also doing lots of running drills lately and when I was at home this weekend, whenever I had a chance I would do a small push ups/squats/glute bridge/abs workout. I currently have no dining room furniture so I have tons of space now.

This week is probably going to be much of the same thing. I have an appointment with my physio on Thursday where I’m home to get my post-tib worked out a bit. My leg keeps getting better each week, but I think I learned my lesson over the summer about going back too soon. I am not worried about training length as I’m still in a good spot in terms of timing for the Ottawa Marathon. I’m also having to readjust my thinking for training. The first few weeks back around going to have to be super slow and maybe filled with lots of walking breaks. I’m also planning on continuing to do as much cross training on the bike as possible and not neglect dynamic drills or stretching. That and book lots of appointments with my massage therapist and physiotherapist! We are at the point where I’m getting a little antsy about wanting to run again. But, at the same time I am thinking that for this cycle it will be more about training in a smart way, rather than worrying about mileage. I’ve always been concerned about getting to X amount of miles, and when timing gets tight, I neglect stretching/warming up. That cycle needs to stop because it is probably why I’m getting injured.

I’m excited to start running again soon – hopefully on clear sidewalks!

Have a great Monday!


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  1. Ann-Marie

    It’s much better to take it slow and not risk further injury :-). Plenty of time before Ottawa! Good luck with the rest of the renos!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Exactly! I’ve got tons of time

  2. Hollie

    I completely agree that it is definitely think it’s better to relax and step back without getting further injured.


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