Ottawa Marathon Training: Week 2

Hey everyone!

This week was my first week back to steady running. Other than being sick this weekend, it was a great week!

Monday – 30 minute run outside

It was a snow day on Monday, but by the afternoon it was really nice outside. I knew that we were going to have another snowstorm on Wednesday, so I wanted to get out on the road for at least one run this week. I ran about 4.5K in 30 minutes. The last part of the run was in a snow squall with ice pellets hitting my face, nice! It was warmer though. I’m officially looking forward to spring running.


Tuesday – GoodLife Workout

Another GoodLife bike + weights workout. I was pressed for time, so I was only on the bike for 15 minutes. I followed the bike with some of my usual weights.

Wednesday – 3.5 Miles on the treadmill

Since it was snowing outside, I avoided outside running and ran on the treadmill. I’m still easing back into running and run 5 minutes and take 1 minute off. I was on the treadmill for a total of 45 minutes but it was a great run, despite it being rather slow.

Thursday – Massage + Track workout

I had a massage before work. I’ve book either a physio or massage appointment at least every other week for the next month. Hopefully my leg keeps behaving. In the evening, I ran on the track before practice. It wasn’t a speed workout, but more of a steady run. I ran 2x1600m and 1×800 for a total of 4K.

Friday – Track practice + phys ed class

I had track practice at 7:30am and then a phys ed class after my usual class. Both were in my school’s weight room. I was able to get a bit of a workout in while the students were working out. I had some bike time and did all my usual weights: squats, glute bridges, some arm weights and that sort of thing. I also did some chin ups. I’m up to three 🙂

Saturday and Sunday = nothing 🙁

I ended up getting Max’s sickness on Sunday. We were supposed to go to the gym so I could run (P was away) but Sunday morning was rough. No running for me! Kind of disappointed because I was having a great week and really wanted to break 20KM. Even if I ran 2K it would have been the most I’ve run since STWM. Oh well!



A solid week back. I’m not that far behind in terms of long runs. I’m still not feeling 100% but might try to do my long run today. It is a bit slippery out there too, but hopefully by the afternoon it will clear up a bit. My leg is also not 100% yet, but it doesn’t hurt at all when I run. As long as I keep going slow and steady, I don’t think there will be any issues. I’m antsy for spring running as I find anything more than 45 minutes on the treadmill too long.

My schedule last week was a little intense. I worked full time every single day, but I still managed to get all of my runs in (minus the weekend one). It is going to be a busy 12 weeks.

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