Ottawa Marathon Training: Week 3

Happy Monday!


No work for me today! Actually no work all week – although that just means no school as we are heavy into renovating this week. Max still has preschool, and since I have to pay for it no matter what, Max goes and we can do home reno stuff!

Last Week’s Training:


Monday – GoodLife 

I was still suffering from whatever bug I got over the weekend. My head was still aching, so no running for sure. I felt well enough for a bike ride and headed over to GoodLife after work. I biked 5 miles and did a few weights. I didn’t really feel sick on the bike but felt a bit off after.

Tuesday – 30 minute run

Still sick but my head no longer hurt, so off I went outside. Slowest 3.5KM run ever. I stuck very close to home for this run. I have a 3K loop that basically runs along the back of my condo corp property. If I need to cut a run short, I can easily just cut through the OC Transpo bus parking lot and be home in less than 300m. I stuck with this route and did some circles in the big parking lot in case I didn’t feel so great. Although I definitely had to stop running/walking at one point, it wasn’t too bad. The run was very slow – I walked when I needed too.

Wednesday – PT + 30 minute run

Feeling quite a bit better during the day. I had physio bright and early. We messed around with the post tib tendon a bit and I think that aggravated it a little bit (more on that later). After work, I went for another 30 minute run. This time I ran a whole KM more than the day before. The weather was beautiful in the morning, but I couldn’t make it out until after lunch hour. Of course, it started pouring right when I was available to go out running. I patiently waited for the downpour to stop before heading out when the rain wasn’t so heavy. Running in the rain was slightly refreshing. The rain picked up at the end of my run and I was soaked! Much better run though! And I wore capris!


Then…..I got really sick


That evening – my GI bug took a whole new direction and I didn’t get a lot of sleep.


Thursday – nothing

I wasn’t feeling the greatest and had parent teacher interviews at my AM school + track practice. This meant I was driving back and forth between my two locations and had no time for any workout. I thought I was better in the evening, so I tried to eat some regular food. Worst idea ever. I will spare you the details but Thursday evening was not fun at all.

Friday – Sunday – nothing but post-tib + hip strengthening

Friday morning was rough. I had track practice, which I really should have cancelled. I went into school and gave them a head’s up that if my body didn’t start cooperating I would have to go home. But luckily, things stopped happening and I was able to stay at work for my one class. I went straight home after that and slept for about four hours. I was completely drained by this point and had zero energy. I also couldn’t eat anything beyond the BRAT diet. By Saturday evening, I was able to eat normally again and was pretty much fully recovered by Sunday afternoon. But, because my energy was super low and I was slightly dehydrated, absolutely no running. Probably a good thing because my post-tib started flaring up again (more on that below). That bug was probably the worst stomach bug I’ve had in a very long time. Usually it is 24 hours and then it is gone. This one lasted a whole week. Both Max and P had a variation of it, but not as bad as mine. The preschool’s toddler room almost shut down because of it a couple of weeks ago.

The only things I did all weekend were various strengthening exercises to target my post-tib and hip issues.

Which is what we will talk about next:


Post-tib injuries/weaknesses are awful. My post tib has kind of flared up again which just angers me. It might just be because I had a massage and PT in the past couple of weeks, or because I’ve started running again. I spent some time on various running/triathlon forums and noticed that many people who have PTT issues seem to have similar stories – the issue is there, something triggers it to become inflamed (bad shoes is a trigger for many, including myself) and then you spend time trying to calm it down. Very stubborn injury! 100x worse than that stress fracture I had a couple of years ago. Right now, it isn’t painful at all, but just feels tight. It doesn’t hurt when I run nor does it hurt if you do all the strength tests/twist the leg around. My physio did a bunch of tests and nothing hurt. Even the sports doc/neurologist did all the tests and they couldn’t trigger it. I’ve had an ultrasound and there are no tears and I actually have an arch on my left foot now. I’m going to see how this week goes, but I might head back to the sports doc soon and see if she has any more suggestions. The only other test I could see being ordered is another ultrasound or a lower leg MRI. But even then, if it is post-tib dysfunction, I already know what needs to be done in terms of rest, strengthening, etc.

The other strengthening I’m trying this week is hip strengthening. It has been noted that I have tight and weak hips. Some of the PTT forums have suggested that the problem isn’t in the lower leg, but higher up in the kinetic chain – and I can almost guarantee its a combo of hip and glute strength. So more focus on that area. Something strange – I was doing single leg bridges yesterday and I noticed that it was way easier on my left side (my bad side) than my right. I also have more of an arch on my left foot rather than my right. Yet – my calf muscles are way bigger on the right.

Another thing I did this week was buy a pair of SuperFeet inserts for my shoes. They are highly recommended by many people, and I’ve been walking around in them ever since. They seem to be working! I think it might also be time for another shoe rotation (I go through shoes rather quickly) to mix things up a bit.

All of this equals a ton of frustration. All I want to do is be able to run without an issue. Maybe one day? Until then, I will keep trying to strengthen my body and hope for the best!

Hope you have a great day 🙂

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  1. Kristi@BlogforanAverageRunner

    Hip and glute strength is a definite factor for me. Trying to be good about stretching and strengthening but…
    Hope things start to feel better soon!


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