Ottawa Marathon Training: What I’m looking forward to

Hey everyone!

Yesterday was a bit of a busy day, so I did not have a chance to write a training recap. I don’t think it matters much since very little running happened last week. It was March Break and I had oodles of home projects to complete, so that took priority. It was probably a good thing that March Break happened when it did as my leg was a bit iffy. I did however, focus on strengthening my hips/glutes/post tib. Every single day I did a series of exercises (glute bridges, clam shells, dynamic stretches) to activate the muscles I tend not to use. Hopefully that means the less my post-tib has to work.

It might be working since yesterday I did manage to go out for a 10K long run. The weather was perfect for running (minus a bit of a wind) and I just felt like running for over an hour. I ran around the Orleans area, finishing in 1:10 which is my standard long run 10K time. My leg felt fine. I did fatigue a bit at the end, and part of me hurt but at least it was all over and not just one part of my left leg. Today, I’m a little stiff, but again it is in numerous spots, not just one. I’m off this afternoon and have a massage booked before heading to a staff meeting.



Ottawa Race Weekend is coming up fast. It is a weekend that I enjoy on so many levels. This is my 7th year participating in Ottawa Race Weekend and my first time attempting the marathon (hopefully…). There is plenty of time to register if you haven’t already. But hurry if you want to run the half – it’s 97% sold out! Usually the rest of the races sell out soon afterwards, so don’t delay!

What am I looking forward to for the 2016 Ottawa Race Weekend?

The Race Expo!

I usually go to the race expo Friday after work. Actually, I’ve been known to go numerous times. There are a number of vendors there and I usually go with some spending money. There are also some special guests at several of the booths. For the past couple of years I’ve been able to chat with Krista Duchene, and I’ve also talked to a few other running industry people. I’ve also met up with a few friends too. This year I have to think about when I will go. As mentioned, I usually go down Friday but this year I have a track meet scheduled (an away meet too). For the first time ever, I might send another coach. Not just for the expo, but so that I don’t over exert myself too soon before the marathon.

photo 4 (2)

Watching the 10K Race

The 10K race is also the 10K Canadian Championships and is an exciting race. If you remember from last year, when I ran the 10K, I actually watched the elite women take off and then jumped into the corral. Not sure which elites are going to be there, but a few favourites should be. I’m going to be watching the 10K race from my spot on Queen Elizabeth around the bridge area. Come join in on the spectating fun!


Beau’s Beer Garden

Not going to lie – I’m totally heading straight to the beer tent after the marathon. Last year, Beau’s had the beer garden set up and it was so nice to have an adult beverage after the 10K.


Seeing all my running friends and students run their races

Race weekend is a big weekend for several people and for my school. We have several students compete in the 5K and 10K and I either run with them or cheer them on. Last year I was able to cheer on a number of marathoners at the water station. This year, I know even more runners, including several STWM runners who are making the trip to Ottawa. It is going to be a fun weekend catching up with some of my running friends.

Running through the CW Water Station

I can’t wait for this. Running through the water station will probably get me through the 2nd half of the marathon (we run the station just past the halfway point). I already have several staff members taking over the station and several students signed up. I hope they have a great time.


Finishing the race

I was commenting on Jen’s blog about how I’m anticipating that the marathon will be a struggle fest and that perhaps I should make a Struggle Fest t-shirt. Because of the up and down motion of my training, I’m unsure how this race will go. I am determined to finish the race, even if I have to walk long parts of it. Getting a marathon done in the spring should open up the door for some different running events in the summer. I just hope my leg keeps it together!

Are you running Ottawa Race Weekend?

If you are attending or have in the past – what are you looking forward to? 

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