Thinking Out Loud Thursday #84

Happy Thursday!

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#1 March “Break” no break

No vacation for us this March Break. Max’s preschool is open during March Break, so we are taking advantage of No-Max time to get a large pile of renos done. The fireplace is now complete. The ensuite bathroom is almost a functional bathroom again. Downstairs has been completely painted and a new subfloor is going in as I type. Hopefully our version of March Madness is almost done. I am planning a full fledged renos post and will post something soon.







#2 There are a few of us….

That seem to be having difficulty with our calf muscles/lower limbs. I haven’t been able to run at all this week, mostly due to renovations. Probably a good thing as it forces me to rest my left leg. I have been doing all the physio exercises for both the post-tib muscle and hips/glutes. Plus rolling! I found that my left quad/hip flexors were really hurting. Perhaps that is actually where my problem lies.

#3 Thunderstorms??

First thunderstorm of the year just rolled by. Only a small one, but it had hail! Ottawa is surrounded by these tiny thunderstorms. Right now it is sunny out, but in about 20 minutes, it is going to rain again. Who doesn’t like the first thunderstorm of the year?

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.13.37 PM


#4 Hopefully in September….

I will have a place to bring all my school stuff to. Currently, I work at two different schools and previous to that arrangement, I switched schools pretty much every semester. Therefore, all of my ‘teaching supplies’ live in an office box. I have so much teaching stuff (binders, post it notes, art supplies, textbooks, DVD’s) that is piled up in my office and would really like it to be in one place. In May/June I will have an idea of where I’m off to next (or staying at one school for more than one period) and can bring some stuff to school that will stay there for longer than 4 months. Hopefully!

#5 No Around the Bay for me this year

I’m not going to the Around the Bay this year. 30K is definitely out for me, but I’ve signed up for the 5K for the past two years. It is a fun course and I love being back in Hamilton. This year, the original plan was to be at my parents for Easter, which would make going back to the Toronto area a bit of a pain the following week. But now, I’m just not 5K ready nor will I be until after Ottawa Race Weekend. Usually I have a March/April 5K race, but this will be the first year ever that I don’t. 5K’s will come a bit later! So many of my running friends are already tweeting/instagramming about ATB that I feel sort of sad I’m not going to be there. Maybe next year!


Alrighty – back to work for me! Have a great Thursday!

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