A bit of the same and a bit different #RunOttawa2016

When I completed my first marathon in 2014, I thought to myself that the actual run wasn’t the hard part, the training was. The NYC Marathon is an experience – the crowds are amazing and for many of us, it is a dream to run a race in New York! I had a great time that day and thought that sure, I would attempt another marathon one day. It took awhile, but now I’m back in another marathon cycle and looking forward to running the Ottawa Marathon in about 5 weeks. The next three weeks are big build weeks and I have to be honest that I cannot wait for the build to be over and into taper mode. I am starting to remember a few things about marathon training that I let escape from my memory.

As I mentioned in my training recap posted on Monday – I ran my 20K last week and almost exactly the same speed of my 2014 one. A big difference is how I felt – my legs did not hurt as much, I wasn’t as bored and overall had a bit more confidence. Yesterday, I was supposed to run 23K, but because my morning class was extended by 30 minutes, I had less time to run before my PM staff meeting. I only got 21.1K completed and I felt just a bit bummed about it. Today, I looked over my 2014 training and wouldn’t you know that in 2012, I skipped my 23K long run because it was run during the Army Run where it poured rain. When I was done the half, I was so soaked that I couldn’t run anymore (despite it being a strong half). I’m not at all concerned about my mileage for this training cycle. I’m a bit off from mileage due to my steady/tempo runs being a bit on the short side, but I have to do what I have to do. I’m not risking having my left leg blow out because of a couple of extra KM’s. I’m not trying to BQ, just trying to complete another marathon in one piece (and hopefully PB!).


A side effect from training for a marathon is being tired and constantly wanting to eat. I am remembering how easy it was to fall asleep during the 2014 cycle. Right now, I’m falling asleep so easily and as far as I know, not waking up at all during the night. I do wish I could stay up later than 10pm, especially on the weekends! I’m eating lots of food lately too. Long runs are usually followed by a huge meal (or two) and I’m hungry every couple of hours. I’ve tried to cut out more of the sugary-junk foods and eat fruits, veggies and nuts/seeds. I still have the occasional dessert. This time I’m trying to pay more attention to being hydrated and a couple of weeks before marathon day, I will be cutting out alcohol, fast food and basically anything that could upset my GI system. After I finish the marathon, the first stop (after the medal) will be the Beau’s Beer Garden!


I’m not as nervous this time about finishing. I will always worry about having another GI malfunction that will cost me time. Right now, I could run super slow and still PB by a significant amount of time. The half I ran yesterday was a bit on the fast side at 2:18. Although not anywhere near a half PB, if I ran that speed for a marathon, that would mean a 4:36 marathon. Don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet and my post-tib tendon said that I shouldn’t do that again. I’m going back to my 5/1’s (or maybe 5/30secs) for this weekend’s long run to ensure that my left leg cooperates. I also moved up my massage appointment from Tuesday to Friday as it has been 3 weeks since my last appointment and that is a bit too long.

Ottawa Race Weekend will be here soon! The whole weekend is a ton of fun – from the Thursday to the Sunday. The expo is fantastic and there are so many runners from Toronto coming up (including a number of STWM digital champions). It will be like a mini reunion! Although, I will be seeing many of them next weekend at the Mississauga Half Marathon. May is looking like a great running month!

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Mom

    Awww does this mean no beer and desserts when you are here for the Mississauga Marathon๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜œ

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      no it is fine then – I’m running to complete, not really racing that one

  2. Kristen

    Good luck finishing your last three build weeks! You are right in the heat of it – and before you know it you will be crossing the finish line. It’s so true that training takes more time, effort, energy than the actual race. Racing is the easy part!

    Do you notice a difference in your training when you cut alcohol out of your diet? I love my wine and have a glass or two while I am training, but I wonder if it would make a difference if I cut it out a few weeks before my big races… hmm.
    Kristen recently posted…Time Flies When You’re Having FunMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I honestly haven’t tried it yet – but it is the one thing I really haven’t altered before a big race. For a 5K/10K, I could really care less about it. But with STWM and NYC, I had GI issues that just wasted so much time. Trying everything to avoid that. I also think I need to avoid eating tacos before a race. It will be interesting to see if staying home and eating food I cook makes a difference!

  3. April Cunningham

    So exciting! I’m training for Ottawa too – my first full marathon. Love your attitude!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)


  4. Ann-Marie

    Good luck with the next three weeks and then its TAPER TIME!



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