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Happy Tuesday!

After work today, I’m heading to physio to hopefully have some suction-cup fun with my physiotherapist (or whatever she suggests). My right leg is out of sorts – which has never happened before. Hopefully I can get the leg ready in time for the Mississauga Half. That and hopefully get rid of this cold!

One of the best things about running the Ottawa Marathon this year is that I am part of a great team, Team Awesome! Many people on the team are people I’ve already met, but some are new running friends. Jayme from the Pacing Life asked if I wanted to be featured on her blog – click here to read her post. Jayme started off running marathons fairly slow. Actually her first marathon was run in 5:38 – very close to my own time. Her current Marathon PR is 3:57. Her training for the Ottawa Marathon has been great and I’m sure she will knock off several minutes in this year’s marathon.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

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  1. Jayme

    Thanks for sharing Rebecca!! So happy I discovered your blog!! Happy training.


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