Ottawa Marathon Training – Week 6

Trucking along and starting to build up that mileage!

You know that my training is going better when my dirty sports gear running pile is huge – that and multiple track practices 🙂


Another great week of running. I’m starting to build up my mileage again. I am still a bit behind on my long run schedule, but I’ve adjusted things a bit. I should be back to where I wanted to be in two weeks. Trying to not gain too much too quickly. I know some people run 20 miles twice during a training cycle, but I am only going to attempt that distance once (On Mother’s Day!).I only ran the 20 miler once during NYC training, and it was fine. Starting this week, I also have to increase my 5K steady runs to 6-8K runs. To be honest, I’m starting to feel a bit of a time crunch.

This week’s workouts:

Monday – Nothing but preventative stuff

I ran a long run the day before, so it was a rest day. Just did all my post-tib drills

Tuesday – 5K Run at GoodLife

This run took awhile, mostly because I got into reading an email and slowed down for 4 minutes. Whoops! As I mentioned last week, I was convinced my leg would act up, so I went to the gym on purpose so that if I needed to cross train, I could. But, everything went well. I also did a few weights and stretched.

Wednesday – 5K Run Outside

First 5K on the Ottawa River Path this year! Yay! A felt a bit sluggish with this run but it went well. Being on the path makes everything easier.

Thursday – Nothing

It was the Ontario Literacy Test day – and therefore my day was insane. I was busy helping out with the test way before school started, then taught my class, then helped some more. Then, to make things more complicated, I had to drive as fast as I legally could to school #2 where I had two more classes (health and my own class). After that, I drove back to school #1 where I had a track practice. After that, I drove to the Dome for another track practice. And….in all of that, I got a call from Max’s school saying he was sick. YAY! So as you might have figured, nothing happened in terms of workouts. Luckily P was already off work because he had to take his Dad to an appointment, so I did not have to leave school. But I was told Max couldn’t go to school on Friday, so I called in. Which would complicated my long run….

Friday – 9 mile long run

I run my long runs when I can during the week. I try to not monopolize the weekend with my long runs. Part of the reason why I decided to try the Ottawa Marathon this year is because I work part time. I have the ability to somewhat make my own schedule – but sometimes it doesn’t work out. I have to supplement my income with supply teaching/occasional teaching. If I don’t get enough work at the beginning of the week, I HAVE to work later on in the week. Luckily, this week, things were busy at school and I figured, hey Friday is looking like a nice day for a long run.

Until Max was sent home sick.

I watched people run all day in the nice warm weather – but had to run my entire 9 mile long run on the treadmill at GoodLife. I broke my treadmill record as previously the longest I have run was 4 miles. Honestly, it wasn’t bad. I did break up the run into two parts so I could use the facilities. This time, I remember to bring my water bottle as well – which I think made all the difference. I ran the first 4 miles in 47:30 and then 4.5 miles in 50:00 (a bit faster). I also went back to my 10/1’s (10 min running, 1 min walking) during the second half. I told myself that 8 miles was fine, then I said two 50ish minute sessions was ok (4.5 miles) and then I said, oh why not and ran the last .5 for a total of 9 minutes. That last mile was run at almost my 5K race pace. No leg issues and I wasn’t too tired! YAY!

With all of this – I cannot wait to move and finally get a treadmill. It will make things so much easier….

Saturday – Nothing

Sunday – 6K run on the treadmill

We were pretty busy with home renos again this weekend. I had a choice to get my 6K run in: early in the morning or late at night. I decided to go after Max went to bed. We worked on installing hardwood floor all day and then went to Boston Pizza for dinner. I never learn to not eat a big meal and then go on the treadmill. This 6K run was rough! But it was done.



This was the first week since marathon training in 2014 where I went above 30K in a week. It might not seem like a lot, but to me it is. I still have 8 weeks to go before Ottawa Race Weekend – lots of time. Part of me really wants to move to the half and have an amazing PR ready race. But the other part of me to do the same thing with the marathon. Decisions!


I’m also starting to feel the time crunch. Track is getting busy and so are renovations. I would prefer to not run long runs or late at night on the treadmill, but sometimes other things get in the way. April is going to be a busy month!

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  1. Kristen

    I completely understand how you feel about getting a treadmill. I have played with the idea of buying a treadmill and might finally make the purchase in a couple months. Although I LOVE running outside, sometimes it’s treadmill or nothing. It would be nice to have around the house. Do you know what kind of treadmill you are going to get?
    Kristen recently posted…Cleaning Up The Clutter and a SOAS Racing GiveawayMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I barely went on the treadmill until I had Max. I don’t think I will train for a marathon again until I get one. No idea which kind – will have to look and see what is out there


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