Ottawa Marathon Training: Week 8



An exciting day for us runners! Monday is a holiday in Boston, but everywhere else – it is a working day so some of us have to be creative to watch the marathon. I have my communications technology class until 10:45, but luckily I have double monitors and will catch the first hour or so of the race at school. Then I’m going home to watch the rest! Yay for part time teaching. I’m sure I am not the only one having dreams of Boston today. But, I also know that come tomorrow, I will be cursing the long run and how long (ha..) it takes.

Anyways – another week of training in the books!

Ottawa Marathon Training – Week 8


Monday – 6K on the treadmill

After Saturday’s 10 miler on the treadmill at GoodLife, 3.7 miles felt super easy. Or at least I think that is what it felt like. I neglected to write down any details about Monday’s run except the distance and I gave it an 8. I’m sure that I ran it after school (Monday mornings = track) but that is about it. This is why I need to write these workouts down – they all just become a blur, especially treadmill workouts! I think I did some weights after? No idea…..

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 5K in 31:30

Outside running! What I do remember about Monday’s run was that I knew it would be the last treadmill run of the week. I ran 5K after school – I *just* fit it in as I was stuck in traffic returning from a supply teaching gig in Westboro. My leg was somewhat bothering me early in the week. I am due for a massage and my calves like to let me know when it is time to go in. Nothing hurts when I run and no big pains. Just tightness.

Thursday- 20K in 2:20

The long run! After 10 miles, I really need to ensure that I leave some time during the week to get these long, long runs completed. Sometimes that means not taking supply work. I let my 2nd location know that I wasn’t free for 4th period and was home a bit earlier than normal. I set out to run my 3pm so I would be completed in time for track practice at 6pm. It was the first of many beautiful days we have had here in Ottawa. I wore capris, a long sleeved shirt and my compression socks. I was comfortable the entire time. I parked my car at school number 1, so I could have easy access to the Ottawa River trail and a washroom. The plan was to do two 8.5K loops, followed by a shorter 3K loop- basically stopping at the point in the trail that was still covered in snow.


The first loop was nice and easy. I stuck with 5 minutes running, 1 minute walking for the long run. It seemed to work for me. I also K-taped my left leg and wore compression socks. Didn’t feel pain at all. I finished the first loop and then quickly used the washroom before heading back out. I felt comfortable for most of the run, running at conversational pace. I took gels at each of the breaks and had my water bottle filled up with Nuun – NO CRAMPS! I finished up the last 3K then jumped in my car for track practice. I had to demonstrate some things at track that night. Split lunge jumps after 20K did NOT feel good. I finished the run in 2:20 – right where I thought I would be.


So while looking back at my instagram photos from a few year’s ago – I noticed that I ran exactly the same time for my 20K training for NYC (top photo). But this time, I felt great while running. Also another thing to consider was for that run, I was running 10/1’s – so really I probably ran a bit faster, even though I took 2x the number of breaks.



Friday – Off – track meet day

Saturday – Off – home renovations instead so technically my legs did get a bit of a workout

Sunday – 5K in 32:00

I finally got to run in shorts! YAY! It was 23C when I finally had time to run. I wore my Brooks shorts and my teal shirt. For the first time since September, I felt warm during a run. A little too warm. This run seemed to be a bit of a struggle fest. My legs felt tired and I think the jump from 10C to 23C was a bit much. Still – I completed a solid 5K.




This week and next is a big week for building up my mileage. I am getting busy with school and with life, so running has been a bit of a struggle. I have no idea how people can find the time to run more than 70KM a week. I’m going to go over 100Km for this month, but some are able to get that in a week. However, I know that time is a struggle and I train to complete a marathon – not to BQ 🙂

I also have to remind myself that as long as I don’t have bathroom (portapotty??) issues on the big day – I will be fine. The last time I trained for a marathon, I had the same feelings in 2014 and I believe that having some difficult times in training makes for an easier time on race day.

This week is a busy one. I have a long run scheduled (hopefully) for tomorrow afternoon and then another long run scheduled for Sunday. Then, I’m doing a mini taper for Mississauga Half Marathon. I’m not planning on racing Mississauga, but I don’t want super tired legs. Then, all that is left is the 20 miler! Almost done!

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