Ottawa Marathon Training Week 9

A bit of a different week for training!

Ottawa Marathon Training This Week

Monday – GoodLife Workout

I went to GoodLife for a bit of a cycle + strength training. I spent more time working out my core and arms, rather than legs, because I knew I had a long run scheduled for the next day. All the usual strength stuff. I spent the day before going back and forth from our backyard to front yard in my running shoes. Realized a bit too late that I had some mud caked to my shoes and made a mess, whoops.

Tuesday – 21.1 Long Run

The original plan was to be done work by 12:10 and have plenty of time to spare before having to pick up Max. Then I realized I had a staff meeting at 3:30pm. Not a big deal as I’m very fortunate to have two work locations that are really close to the Ottawa River Path. I figured I could have about 3 hours to get my run in including travelling time. Then, I found out that I had an assembly at school #1 and that I had to stay at school until 12:35 (which is really about 12:40-12:45). By the time I would get to school B, it would be 1pm, which left 2 1/2 hours – not enough time for the planned 23KM. So, I decided to just run until I ran out of time. To help speed things up, I wore a jeans skirt so I could just put my shorts on in the parking lot (classy), topped with a tech shirt and a sweater. I used my mailbox at school to hold my gels and Nuun.

I went out at 1pm and decided to go down to the path (it is about 1K away) and then go left towards the Aviation Museum. The path around my place/school #1 is completely clear of snow – this path was not, even with the 20C days over the weekend. I made it maybe 1.5K down the path before having to just turn around and head back. I ended up running into students running, so it was nice to have some company. Other than the students, there were just a few walkers on the path.

After I made it back to the main road’s intersection, I decided to keep going down the path. The right side was much better. I decided to get up to 8K for the first loop so I could grab some water. I quickly went in to the school to go to the bathroom and drink some Nuun and eat a gel. By then it was 2pm. I knew I wanted to be close to school grounds so I could hear the bell.

I went back down the path and this time went right. Much better running conditions. Only one patch of snow and the rest was clear. This part of the Ottawa River Path is what some of us like to call the “bottom part”. It is gravel and right next to the Ottawa River. It is beautiful, but can be iffy in terms of conditions. I guess you could run on the road up above, but personally I’m not a fan of running on the road without a sidewalk. Once you get to the end of the gravel path, you go up a steep hill and then you are on a paved path. I wish I had my phone with me, because the trees were absolutely gorgeous. I ended up feeling amazing during this part of the run – KM 10-15 were probably some of the best KM I’ve had in a long run. But, I knew I was probably going a bit too fast. I ended up almost making it to school #1 – I was only 2.5K off. If I didn’t go left during the first loop, I could have easily gone to school 1 and back.

I turned around and went back towards the school. Around 16K or so is when I started to feel the effects of going out a bit too fast. I made it back to the school and realized I had enough time to make it to 21.1KM – a half marathon. I ended up going around a residential street. My left post-tib tendon tightened up at this point. KM 19-21 were just awful. I was kind of done by this point. I deviated from my 5/1’s to 11/1’s and that was probably a mistake. That and eating a minimal amount for lunch. But, as soon as I finished running, my post tib behaved itself – and hasn’t really been a problem since. I had a few moments to spare before my staff meeting and quickly filled up with some more Nuun. This meetings snack was cookies and I probably ate 5 cookies. Yum!  I got some weird looks for being all sweaty too – school #1 is very much used to me running around, but I guess school 2 isn’t. The original plan was to run another 2K after the meeting, but I just wanted to get home. Funny enough, I had the same “run 2 extra KM after a half” in 2014 with the Army Run – and I totally just went home after! Again, I am so consistent…..


Wednesday – Off

But I did make my track team work – we had a guest coach!


Thursday – 6K Morning Run

I dropped Max off at school for 8am and then parked at home to get a nice and easy 6K run in before school. I went back to the 5/1s and just took my time. No problems on my left leg, but tightness on my right. Figures! I wore my bright yellow Brooks jacket! Gotta love that bright colour! I’m glad I got the run out of the way as I had a track meet and it ran rather late.

Friday – Massage

I went in for some massage therapy, as it was very much needed. I have a bit of a sore spot on my right leg (more detail below). It is the post tib muscle on the right that is starting to give me a bit of grief now. I think I have to stop ignoring my right leg and also give it some TLC. I ended up doing the whole ice/heat thing on Wednesday with my left leg and it was fine.

Saturday – No Running

A bit busy with Home Renos

Sunday – 3K Failed Run

I went out off-roading with the jeep on Sunday and decided to just do an easy longish run. My right leg started to bug me on Saturday – and my attempt at running on Sunday was very short. I’m pretty sure I have a nasty case of shin splints. That one muscle on my right leg just tightens up right away. It does relax after a bit, but I would rather not risk it and just went home. I was a bit angry about it and might have kicked a road sign in frustration. I have since K-taped up the right leg and making sure to wear compression socks/ice my leg. I’m also just going to cross train this week.



Figured it is my right leg that is causing me some grief. That one muscle (post tib I think) is super tight and is tender all along the muscle. Not sure what I did, but it might have been the 4Kish of running on snow/gravel/ice covered trail. Whoopsies. I have K taped it and took an advil tomorrow, and it is already feeling better. I am going to make sure to ice it and wear my compression socks as soon as I get home tonight. Today is a GoodLife day, so I will be on the bike or some other form of cardio.

I’m trying to stay carefree and just think whatever happens, happens. I am pretty sure this weekend will go fine, but I will make a decision about Ottawa after this weekend. If things don’t go well with the Mississauga Half and I cannot run more than 21.1, I will have to rethink about which race to enter. There is very little wiggle room left in this training cycle. What I do know, is that this is the last time I’m going to attempt a marathon distance for the next year or too. I just don’t have the time to train properly. Things will be different when Max is older and I have a treadmill.

But, hopefully this is just a little set back and I will be at that marathon start line in 5 weeks! I’m getting excited for Race Weekend!!


Have a great Monday!

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  1. Kristi@BlogforanAverageRunner

    Hope you still get to do your marathon, but if not, go for an awesome half!
    Have fun at Mississauga this weekend!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Thanks! I just want to run Ottawa. Not really caring which race. Going to physio today

  2. Jane @ 50statecanuck

    Ok, for one, I loved the classy move with jean skirt and two, WHAT IS WITH THIS JEEP THING?? I saw some video you posted…I don’t understand…why?? lol!!!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I love skirt season! I hate pants so skirts are key and makes changing super easy.

      Lol – yeah Jeep owners like the take their jeeps off-roading on trails. You literally drive your jeep onto steep rocks and drive through puddles – there had to be about 20 keeps that went out to Calabogie

      1. Jane @ 50statecanuck

        Ba-hahaha. That is hilarious. It’s like an entire cult I know nothing about!!


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