Thinking Out Loud Thursday #87

Happy Thursday!

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons

#1 St Hubert Take Over

In Ottawa/Quebec we have a “chicken place” called St. Hubert. We also have Swiss Chalet – another chicken place that has locations across Canada. Both offer very similar meals (rotisserie chicken and ribs) and have a bit of competition in Eastern Ontario/Quebec (are there Swiss Chalets in Quebec??). Anyways, Cara Foods, owners of Swiss Chalet just bought St. Hubert. Apparently they will remain as St. Hubert. The news starting a bit of a debate. Which one is better?

Here is my take:

Chicken – St. Hubert. The chicken seems more real….

Fries – Swiss Chalet – although they changed them a few years ago

Sauce – ohhhh, I don’t know on this one. Swiss Chalet

Coleslaw – Swiss Chalet doesn’t give out oodles of coleslaw, so St. Hubert

Desserts – St. Hubert. Who doesn’t love a nice clown sundae?

Here is a Buzzfeed article for more comparisons.

#2 More ‘bad food’ – McDonalds Make you own Burger

I recently tried the make your own burger at McDonalds. It wasn’t bad. Not anywhere near the quality of The Works, but still tasty. They even put your fries in a little fry basket. Be warned, it takes awhile to make your burger, so be prepared to wait a few minutes.


I haven’t been to Starbucks as much since they announced the whole Star reward changes (I go to Bridgeheads) but Orleans is finally getting its second Starbucks! It has a drive thru AND is close to my school/home. It is also right next door to my grocery store. But still Bridgeheads is better (and cheaper).

#4 Track Meets!

Track meet season started yesterday. Lots of fun was had and a few kids did really well. We had our 4×100 teams run their first race. It was funny that in the first heat, there were only two teams on the track. Those two teams – my AM school vs my PM school. Go Everybody!

#5 more snow

We had another snow storm yesterday. About 15 cm of snow fell. My backyard was just clear of snow. It is raining right now, so hopefully it melts fast. I think I’m mostly disappointed with the snow because the paths by the Ottawa river were clear. P’s car died at school yesterday, so I had to drive to Kanata to pick him up. Took us 1.5 hrs each way. Fun times!


# new Nuun

I’ve mentioned a few times that I cannot ingest anything with sorbitol in the ingredients. This includes chewing gum and some sports drinks. Nuun’s older formula had sorbitol in the drink and I couldn’t drink it. Ottawa Marathon is featuring Nuun this year, so I was a little worried. But the Nuun Twitter team said that the new active formula doesn’t have sorbitol. So, I bought a container and gave it a try. So far, I’ve had two 500mL servings and no stomach cramps! Next is to try it while running. I’m about to tell my water station crew that they get to yell “Nuun electrolytes” a thousand times during race weekend. They will probably love yelling it.




Who doesn’t love a good burrito bowl?  I could eat this for dinner every single day. I am missing guacamole – but the two avocados I bought were bad 🙁


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  1. Jen @ Pretty Little Grub

    yay! Glad the new formula of nuun works for you. I swear by that stuff.

  2. Brandi @ Java & Sole

    Love Love Love the new Nuun!! Tri-berry is my go-to, but the new Mango Orange Energy flavor is also REALLY good! Good Luck this track season – and Happy TOLT!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I need to try more flavours!

  3. Amanda@Runninghood

    Hi. First time reading here… So glad the Nuun is working so far. I hope it sits well with you when you run and during your marathon! I’ve used it for years with my training and really like it. the Nuun Energy is great for long trail runs when I don’t want a fuel but just a bit of electrolytes and pick me up!


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