Thinking Out Loud Thursday (ok Friday) #89

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons


#1 Spring Allergies

It has been a tough week for my allergies. As soon as I start to feel my eyes burn, I start taking my allergy medication. I take one pill a day and for the most part, it keeps symptoms at bay. But Wednesday was a different story. I took my allergy pill but all day my eyes were watery and burned. It doesn’t effect my day, but when I’m running the tears are running down my face and it is just annoying.

flower black and white

#2 New Starbucks is Open in Orleans…..

and I drove right by and went to Bridgeheads instead. Take that rewards program – where everyone is now Gold apparently.

#3 Did you watch Better call Saul???

The season finale aired on Monday, but I PVR’d it and watched it yesterday. As it has been reported, Better Call Saul is such a great show where nothing happens, but everything happens. I won’t list any spoilers – but although nothing happened, something happens that will make season 3 a super exciting season. The spoiler for season 3 has been all over the news, so if you are interested, just google it. Better Call Saul is an interesting show because we already know the outcome – but we have no idea how the characters got to that point. The spoiler is just another connection to that outcome. But still, so many questions…..

#4 Track Thursdays!

Sometimes I write Thinking Out Loud Thursday posts earlier in the week, but most of the time I write the post on Thursday. But now we return to Track Thursdays, where I spend most of Thursday at the track. We had our last indoor meet yesterday and soon head out to the outdoor track. It makes Thursdays a little busy. But at least it is fun!



#5 Burrito Bowls

Is there nothing better than a burrito bowl? I had about an hour in between the track meet and the track practice last night, so I opted to go and eat a burrito bowl. We don’t have Chipotle┬áhere in Ottawa, just Mucho Burrito – but essentially it is the same thing. Every few weeks I make my own barbacoa beef and make my own burrito bowls. I could eat one every day.



Alrighty – that is it for today. Have a great Friday

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