Next up – Ottawa City Chase

Now that Ottawa Race Weekend has come to a close, it is time to start thinking about what is next. Ottawa does not have many races in the summer with some events in June and most events starting up again in September. One event that I am signed up for is the Ottawa City Chase!

The GoodLife Fitness City Chase is an urban adventure race that is part physical activity and part fun! You travel around Ottawa and complete a variety of activities during the day. There are locations across Canada with Ottawa’s City Chase date of July 9th. There are 20 ChasePoints spread throughout the city and to complete the “race” you have to complete 10 of them, which on average takes about 2 hours. The ChasePoint activities are everything from testing your fears (like holding a snake) to riddles to physical activities like pulling a bus. To travel between ChasePoints you can run, walk or take public transit! You cannot take a taxi, bike, car, roller blades or a space ship to travel from point to point.

GoodLife city chase seems like so much fun. I was invited to participate last year, but was out of town. This year P and I will be hitting the streets of downtown Ottawa. If you want to join in on the fun – sign up here! Not only will the day be fun, but you definitely get some physical activity done during the day.

This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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