Ottawa (Half) Marathon Training – Week 11

Happy Monday!

I am just getting back inside after a chilly track practice! We are 3 weeks out from Ottawa Race Weekend! Can’t Wait. Last week started off on the slow side since I raced on Sunday, but I ended up resuming regular training by Wednesday. Yesterday was the first Mother’s day in 5ish years that I did not race. I skipped out on this year’s Sporting Life 10K and Run for Women because of the previous week’s race. Next year I hope to be back!

Training – Week 11

Monday + Tuesday = off

Rest time since I raced the Mississauga Half. I continued with my usual glute activation exercises. I also ended up getting some new Glycerins at the Running Room for a nice discounted price.

Wednesday – 3K run

I didn’t have all the time in the world on Wednesday to run, so I managed to get a 3K run in before having to pick up Max. On Wednesdays, I drop Max off at 7:15am, so I try and pick him up by 4:30ish. Nothing too exciting about the run – just my usual 3K loop!

Thursday – 3x1000m on the track

Since I am already “trained” to run 21.1K, I’m focusing on speeding up just a little bit. I had a track meet on Thursday, but had to take the students back to school on the bus, so I arrived back at the track at 5:30ish. I had time for 3x1000m at a “somewhat fast pace”. I ran without a watch and just ran by feel. I walked 200m to recover and started again. My legs tolerated it just fine. I wore my Glycerins on the track and I can totally notice a difference with the new shoes. I do have to put in my inserts though.

Friday – 5K Tempo Run

I ran a tempo run on Friday on the Ottawa River Path. It was super sunny when I ran (at around 11:30am-ish) and I definitely noticed a difference running in 18C weather compared to 10C. I ran at 6:10ish pace. Again, focus for the next two-three weeks will be tempo/speed.

Saturday – Off

Home renovation time! Although I wish I could flip things and should have run my long run on Saturday because of the weather (more below).

Sunday – 14K long run in 1:30

I still had some home renos to complete on Sunday, but really I delayed my run until 3pm because I didn’t want to deal with wind and cold 🙂

I ran 45:00 out on the Ottawa River Path and then turned around to run back home. I ran at about a 6:20 pace which is just shy of my PB pace for the half marathon. Still felt nice and easy and I was at “talking pace” for pretty much the entire run. I ended up running 5:00 and walking for 30 seconds. The ideal race strategy for me will be the “walk only through water stations” which is what I did for STWM. If I don’t use the washroom, I should easily PB the half marathon. Washroom time will make things interesting. And, for the record, I ate chips+salsa, spicy chicken, whole wheat bread and had a beer on Saturday and had ZERO stomach/GI problems. Not even a single cramp. I’m hoping that the late start of the half marathon (9:00am) will help me “calm down” before the race. I didn’t have any issues in 2014, so let’s cross our fingers!

Anyways, back to the long run – I ran very steady, and picked it up slightly during the 2nd half of the run. I also added a hill at the end to simulate running up the bridge at 16K. It was a solid long run!


GI System – as explained above, if my GI system can calm down on race day, I will have a great race. It is really frustrating as it only happens on race day. I’m not even sure how to simulate a race morning as odds are, it won’t happen on a regular long run day.

Heat – Ok, I’m pretty nervous about a potential hot race. I think many of us are. I’ve run all my long runs in 10C weather. 10-15C is my ideal running weather and I would happily accept a weather forecast like that on race day. Anything about 18C feels yucky. I have at least one more long run left before race day – 16ish KMs. I’m hoping to run that long run on the next available “hot day”.

Legs – My legs are feeling pretty good. Shoe change has definitely helped the shin splints, along with all the physio/strength exercises. Also, decreased my mileage to training for the half has helped. I think 25-35K per week is my “happy place” in terms of running. I have Massage Therapy scheduled for tomorrow and Physio for Friday. I’ve got at least one more “big” week of running left. I’m going to try and run 16K this week. Of course, Friday is looking like rain. Hopefully the forecast changes and it becomes sunny. Otherwise, I might actually do an evening long run on Thursday. We shall see!

Ok – time to teach, have a great Monday!



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  1. Eric

    Great update! I agree that running in the heat is yucky, way more sweaty than one would like! I don’t remember where I read it but I’ve heard taking vitamin D supplements can help with shin splints, maybe give it a go? I need to do some more research on that one.

    You’re gonna crush your PB for the half 🙂

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Interesting on the Vitamin D – never heard of that before! I ended up taking multi vitamins after my stress fracture in 2014!


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