Ottawa Half Marathon Training – Week 12

Happy Monday!

Actually – busy Monday. It is a heavy track and field week + some other school related things that are making today a busy, busy Monday. But at least I’m heading to a massage soon!

No running for me today (no time) – but I’m not sure even with time I would want to run. Windy and cold day here in Ottawa.

Anyways – my training last week:

Monday – GoodLife Monday

I went to the gym and warmed up on the bike. I followed up by doing all my usual weights. Mostly glute activation stuff with some upper body strength.

Tuesday – 5K Progressive Run

I ran the flatter 5K route in my neighbourhood. I started off fairly slow and increased the pace. My splits were 6:23, 5:56, 5:53, 5:41 and 5:39. Those splits included short walking breaks and two long waits at the lights. Not bad!

Wednesday – 5K Hilly route

I know I need to get some hill training in before Ottawa Race Weekend, so I went and parked on top of the hill at Tenth Line in Orleans and proceeded to do 3 loops of the big hill that goes up Old Tenth Line. The hill features a nice climb of 22m (72 feet) in a short distance (maybe 200m?). Orleans has no shortage of hills, but this one is one of the steeper ones. But you get to go down the hill on the other side. I completed three loops of the hill before cooling down back to my car about 1K away. I didn’t stop on the hill once, but took a walking break once I made it up.

Thursday – Off

It was a busy track and field day – I was at the track from 7:30am-6pm.

Friday – 5K run

This run just felt awful. I felt slow and sluggish the entire time. I believe I was underfueled. I ran my 3K route along with my 2K small hill route. I was glad to be done!

Saturday – 6 miles on the treadmill

P had to work – so I took Max to GoodLife to run on the treadmill for a little bit. I ran 6 miles in 1:05 – which is just slightly slower than where I will want to be for race weekend. The plan for the run was run 1 mile and rest for about 30 seconds, rather than the 5/1 or 10/1’s that I have been doing. I felt great on the run and had no problems with the pace. I could have run more, but ran out of time.

Sunday – Off but Physio stuff

I did not run on Sunday, but did lots of home stuff. That counts right? After Max went to bed I did all my physio stuff.



I can’t wait for race weekend! I’m a bit sick today and as mentioned above, the weather isn’t the greatest today. I really need to run in the heat. Right now the forecast is 20C which isn’t too bad, but has the potential of being warm. Hopefully there is no humidity and the temp doesn’t go above 15C until after the race. I do like running in 10-15C weather. Otherwise, I’m good to go.

I had my last physio appt on Friday and that went well. Still a bit of an issue on my right leg, but nothing as bad as a few weeks ago. I’m about to go to my last massage appointment too. This week I am hoping to get 16K at race pace done tomorrow or Wednesday, 5-6K of hills on Friday and 10K (flat and easy) done in the heat on the weekend. Then – done! I do best with almost no running during the last week. Unlike other half marathon cycles, I have already run 21.1 twice, 20K once and a bunch of other long runs. This is more than I ever ran for my STWM cycle. I actually never went beyond 25K in a week – this time I’ve gone above that several times. Should make things interesting 🙂

Alright – massage time!

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  1. Eric

    Keep it up! 🙂

    It’s good you’re putting in more KMs than last time, should build you a better base for race day!


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