Summer Training – Looking for a Coach

The next two weeks are going to be a bit busy. I have several track and field championships and lots of coaching to do. I also have to have a teacher evaluation completed, which includes classroom observation – something I haven’t had to do for six years! After that, it is the next round of hiring, and because I’ve been surplussed at one school, I have to find somewhere else to go for at least one class but most likely for my entire 50% contract (fun!). Then it is the countdown towards Ottawa Race Weekend – which includes prepping for the water station. I’m not going to be at the water station, but I’m still doing all the organizing and training. I would be lying if I said that going back to my original plan of running the half marathon has been a huge relief. Currently I’m just running when I can and have 1x16K run to complete and maybe one 10K…maybe.

But after the half marathon – what comes next?

Part of the reason why I wanted to tackle a longer distance in the spring is so that I can concentrate on my strength – the 5K. I have some goals for my 5K time and focusing solely on that might mean some promising times. I have almost always preferred the 5K race (although I’m beginning to love the half marathon too). It is speedy and requires full effort with no mistakes. I know many runners who stay away from the 5K and some 5K runners who stay away from marathons. I already know that I belong in the 5K/10K crowd. My GI system doesn’t act up that much in a 5K race, and if it does – I can ignore it and not stop. I love speed workouts and quite honestly have little time to devote to long runs that take longer than 2 hours (you still need to long run for 5K training).

I am currently registered for the Army Run 5K and will be back in the first corral this year. I am looking at also running Emilie’s Run – but going to wait until Ottawa Race Weekend is over before I register. I’m not sure of any races in the summer that I want to do, but I might even challenge myself and run some Ottawa Lions Twilight meets (which yes, is track).

But – with all of this said, I am getting to a point where I think I need to be coached. Max is almost done pre-school, which means I should have some funds available to actually pay for a coach. Yes, I coach at a track club – but many of the groups happen at the exact same time as my group. Running with a group at a set time isn’t really going to happen for me – so I’m looking for a virtual coach. Preferably one that focuses on 5K’s and maybe even some track work. If you know of anyone or have a suggestion, let me know 🙂



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  1. Anna @Piper's Run

    Check out Coach Suz at suzlyfe. Not sure if she focuses on track work but she’s great.

  2. MikeM

    I’ve always been happy training with K2J Fitness. They have track workouts in Barrhaven and sometimes Westboro, but I believe they do online coaching as well.


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