Thinking Out Loud #91

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons


#1 Track Thursday!

This will be a quick post today because I’m off to the track for a meet and practice. Yay! Thursdays are now crazy days for me. Tonight’s practice is back at Terry Fox track. No more dome!


#2 Rename my blog, Nervous Bowels?

Ok – that is a joke, but seriously. As I told you in my Mississauga Half race report, I had another case of GI issues. Seems to happen every single time in a race situation, but never in a long run situation. I’m pretty sure I can eat a Big Mac and go for a run with little problems. I was talking to someone about my race and they thought I meant #1’s – nope, that isn’t a problem. One of the tricks to help with GI issues on race day is to have practice runs with long runs. Unfortunately, the situation doesn’t happen in a long run for me. Frustrating!

Ok – enough about that


#3 Can you run a marathon? How are your legs?

I went for a 3K run yesterday and I’m still having some shin splint issues. Yes, I had a great race on the weekend, but that doesn’t meant I can go and continue training for a marathon. My legs were saying no and it was a classic situation of too much, too soon. I knew when I had a delayed start to marathon training that this could happen. I’m ready to go for the half marathon and plan on doing two more long runs and a little bit of speed work to be ready for the end of May. My schedule has been so busy lately that I’m glad that I was able to switch races.


#4 New Glycerins!

I saw that Running Room had a Mother’s Day discount so I went on the website and saw that they had marked down the Glycerins by $40. Sold! I did not go with the pink this time, but rather the teal/grey. The pink shoes are officially retired from running but are now my walking shoes. I should be getting some other Brooks shoes soon too.


#5 My JP’s Team shirt arrived!

JP will be running a “double double” at Ottawa. I’m hoping to have my students cheer him on at the water station!


#6 Free Milkshake?

I went through the McD’s drive-thru and they offered me a free large shake. I couldn’t say no to that. However, I only finished half of it. I can’t drink that much milkshake!


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  1. Jen @ Pretty Little Grub

    I wish I had a solution for the nervous bowels, that’s the worst! That sucks your shins are hurting, at least you definitely know dropping down to the half was the right decision.


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