Thinking Out Loud Thursday #93 – Ottawa Race Weekend Edition

Hey Everyone!!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday. It is finally here! Ottawa Race Weekend officially kicks off today!  So,today’s Thinking out Loud Thursday – linking with Amanda at Running with Spoons is Ottawa Race Weekend focused!


#1 – I was on CBC Radio!

On Tuesday I happened to have the afternoon off and was contacted to see if I was willing to be on the radio with Ottawa Race Weekend Race Director John Halvorsen to be on CBC’s All in a Day show to talk about volunteering at Race Weekend. It was really fun. I don’t have a recording of the broadcast but I know some of you were listening in.


#2 Omg, the weather

The weather is now “worst case scenario” with high temps, high humidity and even thunderstorms?!?!? Make it stop!  The plan now is just to finish and finish healthy. I plan on visiting every single water hose on Sunday! A reminder to stay hydrated, but don’t over do it. Over hydration is just as bad. The race crew uses a flag system to alert runners to weather changes. We will probably be in the caution zone right away, maybe even the red zone.


#3 Expo!

The expo opens today. I will be going down tomorrow after school, hope to see you there! It happens to be pay day tomorrow too, which is probably not a good thing! The Ottawa Marathon expo is one of the better expos out there. Lots of booths, lots of vendors and lots of fun!


#4 Lanni’s face

A few if us have taken selfies in front of Lanni’s sign at Ottawa City hall. Can’t wait to watch Lanni, Tasha, Catherine and Rachel (amongst others) race on Saturday. I am lucky enough to be able to watch from the finish line! It is going to be great!


#5 Last Run! In the heat!

I ran my last 5K run yesterday at 3pm. It was a hot one! Running in the heat makes many people a bit slower. Heat makes my legs feel super heavy. I also get super sweaty too! The shaded parts of my run were not that bad, but in the sun – horrible


#6 Being part of Team Awesome

This was my first year being part of Team Awesome. It has been an amazing experience and once again, like STWM, I now have more running friends! The enthusiasm for this race however, is being I truly love Ottawa Race Weekend. This is my 7th year participating in the event and the event is so much fun that I just keep coming back. This is one of my favourite weekends of the year – I can’t wait for all the festivities to begin!


I hope you have a great Thursday!!

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