Help get Lanni’s Family to the Olympics!

Hey Hey!

I spent about ten or so hours on a bus today – but we made it Windsor for OFSAA! YAY!

Tomorrow is Day 1 and we have a number of student-athletes competing. This year, not only am I supporting the team I regularly coach, but I’m also the “teacher-coach” for my other school, and two other schools where I used to teach. The Windsor-location makes it hard for many teachers to make it down.

Anyways – just a short post today to let you know of a Go Fund Me campaign to help support Lanni Marchant’s family get to the Olympics to watch her compete in the 10,000m and marathon. Travel costs for the Olympics are crazy expensive and there isn’t much help for the families – most of it comes out of their own pockets.

If you have some spare dollars – please support Lanni’s campaign!

IMG_3955 (1)

She is pretty amazing and she deserves to have her family there to see her compete!


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