OFSAA Track and Field 2016

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was fairly short as I was away until the wee hours of Sunday morning at OFSAA. OFSAA is the Ontario Championships for high school sports. It is a pretty big deal to make OFSAA for any sport. Track is especially hard. You have to place top 4 in your region to make it, which is no easy task. This year, OFSAA was in Windsor which is 8+ hours away from Ottawa. I came prepared with movies: Race, McFarland, Devil Wears Prada and Ratatouille. The other buses forget their movies, so I lent them to the other teachers once we were done. I wasn’t able to see Race in theatres, so I was glad I was able to find it on DVD to watch it on the bus. Great movie! I packed some snacks for the bus, including treats for the students.


OFSAA Track is a three day event, and because of the travel time, we left the day before.This year I was coaching/supervising four schools which made for some fun times. I only had 9 students to watch and I know all but two. The four schools are all ones I’ve taught at before, so that also makes things easy. We had a great couple of days, lots of PBs and one medal! ┬áThe medal was extra special as the student-athlete did not make OFSAA last year. We figured he would be 4th or 5th, but in the last 200m he was able to get the bronze. It was super exciting!


It was fun to be at a track meet for a few days. I had a queen sized bed all to myself and I always enjoy watching track events. Some of the events were really exciting to watch. The 3000m girls record went down in all three divisions (midget, junior and senior) and the senior girls 100m hurdles record also went down, a record that hasn’t been broken since I was in grade nine.



Overall, I had a great trip – but I’m glad that the high school season is almost over. I have a number of athletic events this week and I’m done! What am I going to do with all this free time? Run, of course! Actually, I managed to run 4K on Wednesday and walked over 13KM the rest of the days.



Have a great Monday!



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