Thinking Out Loud #94

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.

#1 OFSAA Time!

It is the Ontario high school track and field championships, known as OFSAA. OFSAA does have a tournament for most high school sports, with soccer and rugby also happening right now. We had a long 10 hour drive yesterday and will start competing at 3pm. Should be fun! I have some OFSAA traditions like eating Fruit Loops and getting a 10 pack of Birthday Cake Timbits. I made healthy snacks for the student-athletes 😀



#2 Taco Night

Who doesn’t love tacos? It is the one meal I can have over and over again and not be sick of. I made tacos on Taco Tuesday. Delicious!


#3 New Glasses

My benefits allow me to purchase a new pair of glasses every two years. That time was this month, so I picked up a new pair of glasses. I really like them. I was getting a bit tired of my old pair. I think this pair fits my face a bit better.


#4 Global Running Day

Yesterday was Global Running Day and although I spent 10 hours on a bus, I was able to go for a shake out run of about 4K or so to the track and back. It was spitting rain a bit and hot, but it was ok. I wore my Launch 3’s for the first time in a run and they were great! Great shoe to put in my shoe rotation. I was totally all Brooks yesterday too.


#5 Burgers and Beer + we were on TV!

I didn’t mention in my Ottawa Half Marathon report that I definitely had my Burgers and Beer on Sunday night. Tasted so good! I PVR’d the marathon, 10K race and the ‘marathon celebration’. I told you a few weeks ago that we did some filming in Vincent Massey park with members of Team Awesome. We finally got to watch the clip during the broadcast of the marathon. Super cool and we looked good!



Alright – time to get showered and get going to OFSAA! Have a great Thursday!

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