Thinking Out Loud #96

Another Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


#1 Hello, again

Not a lot of time to be blogging lately. It is exam time at both my schools and that means lots of marking and supervising. There are also a number of school events this week and next as well. Priority for me right now is organizing all my end of year stuff and getting prepared for online summer school. I’m teaching the same course all online, so it is routine by now, but still requires prep work.

#2 Next Year – West/East Debate

Part of the ongoing stressful situation of the end of year routine is figuring out my placement for next year. Unlike other years, I actually have a half time position that is guaranteed (which is three classes). So – for the first time┬ásince 2010, I will know about 3 classes before the end of the year. Two of my courses are still undecided, but I do have a grade 11 university level Anthro/Sociology/Psych course. I’m normally a “life skills-open level” kind of teacher, so this will be a new challenge.

That is pretty much where the fun stops. My position is spread over three different schools and it is looking like it will remain that way for at least another year. My timetable has flipped and this year’s AM schools (which are semestered – so one per semester) are now my PM schools, and my PM school (which is non-semestered) is now my AM school. This flip might be better for me as it essentially means that I will only have to be at school for 9am no more than 2x a week. In Semester two there might be some days I won’t have to be at work until 2:00pm. Confused on when I work? Don’t worry – it confuses all of us. Thank goodness for Google Calendar!


and with that – we are still not 100% sure which end of the city we will be moving to.

#3 Speaking of Renovations

We are almost done!

Items still left include the staircase (hardwood instead of carpet), trim everywhere, some painting and the laundry room. The bathrooms are now complete and I’m happy to say that we now have three functioning toilets again. Here is the before and after shots of the main bathroom



I’m starting the de-cluttering and packing process now too. I’ve already packed my spare room closet, so I’m hoping I don’t have a need for high heels or purses this summer. All that is left on my shoe rack is running shoes and a few pairs of flats. One day I will have an office at work where I can dump all my school binders because all of that takes up so much room.

Hopefully we can put our house up for sale soon and move asap!

#4 Where did all my Nuun go?

Less than a year ago, I was all “I am just not into Nuun, it hurts me”. Now, thanks to the ingredient change – I love Nuun. Apparently other people in my house like Nuun too and all of my tablets are gone. Max calls it “Mom’s yummy pink drink” and even grabbed a bottle, filled it up with water and put in a tablet. Then he put it in the fridge for me. I’ve been drinking Nuun after my workouts but also whenever I’m feeling super thirsty/run down. Luckily, MEC has Nuun for fairly cheap and has free shipping right now – so more is on the way!



#5 Macbook is no longer a laptop…

I barely touched my 2008 MacBook during second semester. Since I was teaching Comm Tech and required a computer with a bit more “power”, I mainly used my iMac and my school computers. My school computer had two monitors which made marking/viewing projects so much easier. I had no need for my MacBook and therefore it sat on my filing cabinet from February on- not plugged in. Apparently that kills the battery. I brought my MacBook to OFSAA and made the discovery that it only works when it is plugged in. I bet one day soon it will just crash and that will be it. It still works ok for basic computing needs – but I think for September I will be getting a new laptop. I mainly use Google/the internet for work, so I’m probably just going to get a Chromebook. I’m not teaching Comm Tech next year and will be without an office at work, so when it comes time for prep time – I really need some sort of computer. Thoughts?


Alright – time to paint things!

Have a great Thursday!

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