June Training

Happy Monday and Happy Fourth of July to my American Friends!


June was not a great month. It was terribly busy with all sorts of events, track meets and work. Lots of work – both school work at home renovation work. As you could probably tell, there was not much time left over for blogging or even for running. By the end of the month, I was done. July will hopefully be a bit better. Summer school starts today, but for the third year in a row, I am teaching an online course. Online teaching is a bit easier as I can work from anywhere and can work at pretty much any time. The difference this year is that both P and Max are home (last year, P was in California and Max had a week or so of daycare).The plan for this month is to wake up super early (5:30am) and tackle my daily marking/assessment responsibilities before Max wakes up. Assessing student work takes up the bulk of my day, so if I can get that done, great!

June training was pretty dismal. I did manage to run every week, but I did not run as much as I wanted to. Some days it just came down to me being stuck at work for longer than normal (despite my half-time teaching schedule). One day I was at work for 15 hours, only leaving the school to pick up Max. This was the amount of running I completed in June:


Not much!

The first two weeks were recovery weeks from the Ottawa half marathon. Most of that was spent at GoodLife where I also completed some weight training. Those smaller runs are 3K runs. After that, I went back to my friend, the 5K training runs. Those big gaps of no running days? Those are weekends. I know most of you probably get the bulk of your running done on weekends, for me that is not possible (unless I wake up early). I only run 35 KMs this month, the 2nd lowest month of 2016. February was the lowest month, but I had that post-tib flare up.

What I have been doing with my training is mixing things up a bit and attempting to get faster. At GoodLife, I made a modified X’s workout that can be done in the gym. X’s workouts are a general-prep style workout that we use at track. Basically you run the diagonal of a soccer field, doing assorted exercises at the corners (squats, push-ups and abs). When I am at a soccer field, I start with 10 push-ups, then go into an accel across the field. I walk the width of the field to the next corner and complete 10 squats. Then I accel to the other corner where I complete 20 ab exercises, followed by a walk to the starting corner. This workout is done numerous times with 2-3 minutes rest in between each. I was able to complete an X workout on the soccer field at track and it was hard! At GoodLife, I switch things up a bit. I run .25 miles on the treadmill at a “fast for me” speed (I’ve gone as high as 9.0), then hop off to completed 10 reps of squats with weights, 30 medball twists and 10 presses. I start with .5 miles warming up and cool down with another .5 miles.

When running outside, I typically run 5Ks. I’ve been trying to run a bit faster and also running tempo/progressive runs. Typically I start off running at 6:10/km and then head into 5:30/km towards the end. I would have liked to run some long runs, but timing has been an issue!

For July, I am attempting to wake up early to go running. Unlike the school year when I need to be getting ready to head out the door by 7:30, I don’t have to go anywhere during the summer. So, if I run from 6:30-7:30, that should work. It will also help with the heat issue as Ottawa is loving the 30C weather lately.

Speaking of early morning running – it is now almost 7am and I need to run – Have a great Monday!

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