Sometimes running has to wait


I did not run at all last week.


Not a single KM. I didn’t even go to GoodLife. This time, unlike every other July where I end up injured – it wasn’t because my legs were acting up but more like I just don’t have the time right now.

Most of you know that we have been renovating our house for the past 7 months. We are finally almost done and should be putting our house on the market this week. We are on a bit of a time crunch since we want to get all of this completed before we leave for California. The last two weeks have been non-stop with renos including several nights where we do not finish until midnight. I’m also teaching an online course, so I’ve been spending 6-8 hours a day marking 100+ assignments a day (and dealing with ‘issues’). When my 5:30am alarm goes off, it isn’t to go for a run, but more to get as much school work done before 8am so I can complete more renovation tasks.

There just isn’t time for running and my back/shoulder are telling me that I’m definitely getting some physical activity 😉

What renovations have we done?

I’m probably not remembering everything but we have completed:

  • hardwood floors on the first floor, staircase and upstairs hallway – which included fixing all the mistakes the builders made, and putting in new subfllor
  • Painted all walls on the 1st floor, my office and ceilings everywhere (my neck hurts)
  • Repaired the skylight, took out all the popcorn ceiling and repaired the wall
  • Complete renovation in all three bathrooms – new vanities, new toilets, new shower (tile) and new tub/shower surround
  • created a new mantle for the first place (meaning we got a giant piece of wood and actually made it ourselves) and painted the whole fireplace, ripped out the tile, fixed the hearth and re-tiled
  • Tiled the front hall and ensuite bathroom
  • Painted all the doors
  • Put in new garage entry door
  • Landscaping – ripped out two trees + general cleaning up
  • Tore two holes in our kitchen ceiling to repair damage from not-properly-installed toilets
  • New trim everywhere
  • New appliances



I feel like I’m still missing stuff. But that list also doesn’t describe the issues we had when renovating due to walls/framing not being straight, wires being not where they were supposed to be and that sort of thing. The house will look pretty good when we are finished and hopefully it sells fast. Some ask whether it is so nice that we will want to stay. Nope, we are out of here. We are done with leaving in a condo corp and living in a townhouse. No more!

Now that reno work is winding down, I’m hoping to get back to my regularly scheduled running routine. I have a goal of PBing in the 5K for the Army Run and the only way that will happen is if I work hard at getting faster.


Anyways – as Gru says “Back to woooooork”

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  1. Kyle

    Life happens, we deal with it and move on 🙂


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