Thinking Out Loud #98

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.



The day is finally here – Canadian Championships, aka Canadian Olympic Trials! I’m super excited. I would be more excited if the meet was closer to Ottawa, but it will still be fun to watch. Four years ago I was super excited but things were a bit different then. I was a high school coach, but not an Ottawa Lions coach yet. I also had no idea about distance running and pretty much only knew the sprinters/hurdlers. Now, I’m all over women’s distance running and very excited to see several members of my club compete for a spot at the Olympics. There are some members who I don’t know (I’ve never met Melissa Bishop for example), but a few I see at the track regularly. Tonight is the 5000m and the field is stacked. Lanni and Tasha are running – but so is Rachel Cliff and Sasha Gollish (amongst others). Should be a good race!

# 2 – Online teaching rocks

I am currently on day four of my online course. It is a pretty sweet gig – most of the course is prepared for us. We heavily edit the course and make adjustments (so many broken links), but the bulk of the work is done. Every day I have to assess at least 100 assignments, but because everything is the same as last year, it isn’t that hard. They created an app for iPads which means I can mark from pretty much anywhere. The best part about online summer school is I can work my 6 hours whenever I want. I generally get up early (6am) and finish my marking before noon. Then I answer questions/check in. If I am super ahead I even prep for the next day in advance. This year I am making videos for the class explaining a few things. If I am done in the early afternoon, I can do other things (like home renos…) but the other day we were not allowed upstairs as we had finished the staircase. We packed up some food and went to Gatineau Park for the afternoon. Max loves it there!



# 3 – Speaking of the staircase

NO MORE CARPET! I believe we are the only house that has managed to not put carpet back on the stairs.



#4 This steak

Is very expensive? This is not the first time I’ve seen a pricing error at Farm Boy. Every once and awhile I either see a super high or super low price. The other day I saw a whole chicken for $3.


#5 – Andrea Barber’s 40th Birthday 4 miler

Andrea Barber aka Kimmy Gibbler is a runner and Sunday was her 40th birthday. She decided to create a virtual race to celebrate her birthday. For a small donation, you got a medal, t-shirt and signed photo. I wasn’t able to run on Sunday, but went out Monday morning instead. Only thing missing was those Gibbler socks. I seriously need to buy a pair because they rock.


Alright – that is all for me today. Have a great day!!!


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  1. Ann-Marie

    Your house renos are looking great! When do you want to move?

    I have never taught summer school but online looks great! So flexible!


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