Thinking Out Loud Thursday #99

Happy Thursday!


Best day of the week – mostly because I’m officially on summer vacation now. Summer school ended at noon – so I am now free! Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.



#1 Can you tell I’ve been busy?

Summer school was interesting this year and although parts of my job were easier this time, some parts were not as easy and took up way too much of my day. In order to help with home renos, I was waking up early in the morning and trying to get as much done as I could before 9am. Then, it was all about home renos! Thankfully we are just about finished. The last big thing to do is paint the kitchen ceiling. The For Sale sign is actually going up tonight! Pretty exciting. Sometime next week I will post some more detailed photos. For now -a teaser




#2 Weekend Away

Last weekend was our annual Family BBQ. We went to a small town in Central Ontario and had a great time. We had to stop in Kingston for some teaching resources and made a bit of a road trip. We ended up eating lunch at Kingston Brewing Company and staying at a hotel for the evening. Because Max hasn’t been having loads of fun lately, we figured that he would love a movie and a hotel stay (the kid loves the hotel life).


We went to seeย The Secret Life of Pets. Max was all excited because the main dog was named Max too. Unfortunately we never saw the ending because halfway through the power went out. At least the cinemas gave us enough passes to see the movie again and one more. The power was out at the hotel too but the wifi was working (?) so we watched Star Wars. The next day was the BBQ and we had a water fight, food and petting some alligators and snakes. True Story! My Aunt arranged for a travelling pet show to come over. The kids (and adults) were able to touch everything from a huge snake, a tarantula (it was cool!), ferrets and even an alligator. Max was all over it but was actually afraid of the alligator.



On Monday we went to the Blue Jays Game. It was Max’s first game and the lucky guy had his name on the Jumbotron. We went to Steam Whistle Brewery first for some free samples and ended up at Boston Pizza for dinner (easiest place to get in). We decided to head back to Ottawa that night and made it back fairly quickly. Although I do not recommend that late night drive!



And we came home to see a Sunday storm knocked out half of our new tree ๐Ÿ™


#3 See ya later!

I’m heading to California soon! I ended up getting a SIM card for my iPhone to use in the states. I am a “pay as you go” customer and apparently my phone wouldn’t work at all in the states. Before I just turned off data and went without it (sad face). I was able to have my phone unlocked without a problem and figured I would just get an AT&T card. But Angela from Cowgirl Runs told me about Roam Mobility. I was able to get my US number all ready to go and when I land in LA, I just switch the SIM card and I have unlimited talk, text AND DATA. For Canadians, unlimited Data is a pretty big deal.

#4 Still no running

I’m hoping that now that I have some more free time, I will start running again. Nothing hurts, no injury – just no time! I’m hoping to get running in California. Normally I don’t run while I am there, but we are in a better city now where I feel a bit more safe running.

Alright – time to get back to cleaning!


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  1. Edye

    Family BBQ’s are always a blast! Hope you have an awesome weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

    Edye |

  2. Carl

    What a great seat you have up from home plate in the Rogers Centre. What a thrill to get Max’s name on the Jumbotron.

    Hopefully time will free up for some more running! ๐Ÿ™‚


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