Back in Canada

Hey Hey!


No Thinking Out Loud Thursday today – just a small update to say that we are back home. We got home right on time yesterday evening and have been busy getting things settled again. We also did all the registrations today – school, swimming and before/after care. Max is totally set up for September! Yesterday’s flights were fine, nothing too spectacular except for the aborted landing in Ottawa. The plane on the runway in front of us took too long to take off, so we had to abort and turn around. Super fun!

We are about to have dinner and then finally go see the rest of The Secret Life of Pets (we have only seen half of the movie due to a power outage). More details about the last part of our California trip soon!

Also – make sure to start tuning into the Athletics competitions starting tomorrow at Rio 2016. Lanni Marchant and Natasha Wodak are racing tomorrow morning!

In the meantime – here are a few photos from Disney


DLPCA_JEDI2_20160808_388504583968 DLPCA_LIGHTSIDE1CHAR_20160809_388504117242

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