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Whenever I travel to the US, I set aside a bit of spending money for American food. Canada and the US are pretty similar when it comes to both grocery store food and restaurant food, but there are a couple of differences. Canada may have ketchup chips, smarties, Boston Pizza and endless maple syrup – the US has Trader Joes, Cheesecake Factory and endless treat food. Usually the first thing I look up when I have to go to the US is whether there is a Trader Joes nearby. I absolutely love that store. I’ve already been to the Temecula one twice since Friday!

So far the items I’ve picked up at Trader Joes are:

– Mandarin Chicken

– Cuban Black Beans

– Mac and Cheese

– Tater Tots

– Yoghurt

– Joe Joe Cookie and Cream Ice Cream

– 2 Buck Chuck

Speaking of 2 buck chuck – seriously. Ontario has fairly high prices for beer and wine. At Trader Joes we picked up three bottles of wine and 12 bottles of beer for less than $30. In Ontario, you can barely get two bottles of wine for that price. There is no such thing as under $5 wine in Ontario. 

Since we are staying at a rental house, we eat mainly at home. We did go to Cheesecake Factory on the way to Temecula and also went to In-n-Out Burger. Max ate an entire burger all by himself and has been asking every day to go back. But other than that, everything has been at the house. We will go out at Disney and make it to the Mexican place we like to go to at least once. I got the tempura fried fish tacos at Cheesecake Factory. I was super hungry because of being stuck in traffic for three-billion hours.

I’ve shopped at Albertsons a few times too. Last night I went out for some shopping as we were out of milk and bread. There was a Starbucks in the grocery store and I picked up a California mug!

I also picked up some Confetti Cupcake Poptarts!

And a sampler pack of Sam Adams. We can get Sam Adams at home, but usually only the regular kind maybe 1-2 seasonal brews.

Other items that I finally found include La Croix water and Picky Bars. To be honest, the grapefruit La Croix tastes exactly like the one I get in Canada – but I want to try some of the other flavours. I haven’t tried the Picky Bars yet – but I’m sure they will be amazing!

So if you are wondering what I’m doing today – mostly eating! Have a great Wednesday!

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