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After 3 weeks of no running, I finally got out for a run yesterday. The last few weeks have been absolutely insane. We have been working on the house pretty much every single day and I’ve been working from home on top of that. Some days I was up working from 5:30am until midnight. Both summer school and renovations are now completed. The house officially becomes listed tonight. We are hoping it moves fast – perhaps we might be looking for a new house when we get home.

We left for California early Friday morning. One recommendation I have for all of you is to NEVER book the first flight the day you want your house looking perfect. I was up at 3am painting and then I woke everyone else up way too late and that turned everything into chaos. Normally we just leave the house in a bit of a mess, but this time all beds needed to be made, fresh towels go out, absolutely no bodily fluids in the toilets (lol) and everything cleared. Of course, we ended up very late at the airport. We had already checked in, but we had one bag and the car seat to deal with. We had to get Air Canada to help us with baggage as we missed the cut off. Air Canada surprised me that morning with their help. They didn’t even question anything and got our bags on the belt with 35 minutes to spare. Because we had Max with us, we get to jump the security line and we’re through pretty quickly. We had to board the plane immediately after. 

When we arrived in Toronto, we had to go into the new customs area. Previously we had to pick up our bags, move to customs and go through that process. Now you walk for about 1KM (seriously, it seems like a KM) and into the customs area. You use the computer to fill out your form and the kiosk takes your pictures. Taking a child’s photo is pretty annoying but it makes everything move faster. Then you scan your piece of paper and it tells you to either move straight to customs or wait in the hold area if you have a bag. We had bags so we had to wait a bit. There wasn’t many people there and we moved through this part of customs quickly. After about 10 minutes, I heard the Air Canada people say my last name (which sounded nothing like my last name). They said our one bag made it on the flight, but the car seat didn’t. The car seat was on the next flight. Again, super nice Air Canada people this time around. The said to wait for 15 minutes and see what was up. Within 5 minutes, my name was on the screen and we could proceed to customs. The AC people were all “WOOOOW That is a record!”. All of our luggage arrived in LAX without a problem! Shocking!

The flight to LAX was uneventful. I watched Batman vs. Superman (meh) and a track and field documentary. Max proceeded to kick and roll around for the entire 5 hour flight. The flight was completely full. I loved how some people were trying to switch from their middle seats and the flight crew kept saying that there were no seats left. Lots of families were separated too! 

When we got to LAX, we got our bags and to the car rental place rather quickly. We ended up being stuck in the worst LA traffic I have every seen. Normally we only get stuck going through the valleys, but this time we were stuck in traffic for the entire drive. A 2 hour drive turned into almost 4 hours. We did go to Cheesecake Factory!

We are staying in another rental house. It is in a better city than the one we normally stay at. You can notice the difference between the two cities almost right away. I never felt comfortable running in the other city, but here in Temecula – everyone is out. Yesterday I went out for a quick 3K run. Lots of people out and even another runner! The one fun thing about running around here is that it is very hilly. Hills everywhere! There is no way to avoid them. So, running should be pretty interesting. 

It is time to start training for STWM. I have to start long running again and start speed soon too. Now that renovations are done, I should be able to get out and run more! 

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  1. Ann-Marie

    Looks like a beautiful place to run! Congrats on finishing summer school and home renovations. Crossing my fingers your place sells fast! 🙂 Won’t be long and I’ll be seeing you at X-country meets!



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