Scenes from the Beach

Yesterday we were able to get out of the house and go to Oceanside Beach in the late afternoon. Oceanside is at the north end of San Diego. It is fairly close to Temecula, only 45 minutes if you do not encounter traffic. 

The last time we were at Oceanside was when Max was 8 months old. Max hasn’t seen the ocean since then. He was really excited to go to the beach. He asked in the morning if we could go surfing (um no). There was a Beach Hazard warning (rip tides) issued for most of the SoCal area, so we knew we wouldn’t be going too far into the water. We accidentally forgot P’s swim suit at home, so I went in with Max. 

Max had lots of fun in the ocean. We didn’t “swim” but just got smacked by a number of waves. I had to hold onto Max the entire time as he was struggling to stay upright. Or he was purposely falling down (I wouldn’t be surprised).

We got changed and went for a walk on the pier. We walked the whole pier and according to Max, next time we go, we are going fishing. After that, we battled traffic on the way home. 

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