The Power of Cross Training

This summer was an interesting one for training. Home renovations and summer school took up almost all of my time during the month of July. I tried to get up early for the first few weeks to sneak a run in, but when you are working all day and go to bed at midnight, it sometimes just is better to sleep. For the past few years, July has been a month where I step back from running. But in the first two summers, it was because of injury. This year, it was just simply because of time.

Last week I went for a massage and my RMT was asking why I took July off. I told him about our renos and then remarked about how slow and tiring my running has become. Coming back from the stress fracture and the post-tib issues seemed almost too easy. I jumped back into running right away. Even though I returned running less and easier, it didn’t feel as bad as running did in the beginning of August this year. He asked if I had did any other training, which I responded no. Then it hit me – I did zero cross training. I did nothing.

When we become injured, we might become frustrated with pool running, being on the bike or attending a fitness class. We complain that we are losing fitness and that we will have to start at zero when we can run again. I’ve definitely said that, and I know a number of runners who are worried when they cannot run. Last summer, I spend at least 3 days a week at GoodLife on the bike and doing some weight training. Any time this year when I slowed running down, I would be at GoodLife more. Not running, but still getting the blood moving. I would create little workouts for the bike and ended up quite enjoying it.


This year, I’m noticing a big difference. Running is just starting to feel good again and this week I actually felt back in shape.¬†When I return to school next week, I will also be returning to GoodLife to cross train on my running days off. So, if you find yourself unable to run – do not doubt the power of cross training, it does more than you think!


This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own

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  1. Jen @ Pretty Little Grub

    I completely agree with this. In the past when I got injured from running I pretty much sat on my butt and sulked. Now, I hit the gym and cross train. You can maintain a lot of fitness and make your transition back to running a lot easier that way.


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