Thinking Out Loud Thursday #100

Wow – 100 Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s! That is quite a number. As always, linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons. 
#1 Blogging via WordPress App

After completing close to four weeks of online summer school, I did not feel like bringing my laptop to California. I did bring my iPad mini and keyboard though. Honestly it is pretty much the same as a laptop minus the bigger screen and non-mobile websites. I am using the WordPress app to blog this week which is why things may or may not look a bit wonky. It makes adding photos easy, but I don’t really have access to the backend of the blog. Not really a big deal. My MacBook’s battery does not hold a charge and I’m trying to get used to using my iPad as a mini-computer more as in the Fall I go back to my shuffling between schools gig. I should have office space to work, but the availability of a computer to work on during my prep periods is the biggest issue.  One time a few years ago I had a prep period with four other teachers. There was only one computer in the office. Fun times!

Ok, back on topic….

#2 Snapagram

If you have logged onto Instagram, you have no doubt noticed “Instagram Stories”. The idea is that you can post photos and videos on your profile and they disappear after 24 hours. You can comment on videos/photos but the public cannot see those comments. Sound familiar? That is pretty much how Snapchat works……Snapchat even calls it “My Story”. 

So far every Instagram story I’ve seen is either a) “What is this? Snapchat?” With a confused face or b) the exact same content that they would post on snapchat. 

I really don’t need to see someone’s coffee twice – so I’ve barely used Instagram stories and you will probably not find me posting a story on there.

If you want a laugh – Google “Exchangeagram the Internship” for a scene from The Internship that basically sums up this whole situation.

But also – seriously Instagram can we bring back Chronological feeds? I’ve missed a number of friend’s posts and that just is annoying. 

#3 A treadmill will be a game changer

I started writing this post last night as I really had nothing else to do unless I wanted to watch more Netflix. Part of the reason why we are in California is to work on our house that we own. Therefore P has been working all day while Max and I are stuck at the house. Last year we did have a car but this year we don’t. Regardless, I cannot go for a run because I need to watch Max. Same thing happens during the school year. The one thing that I want in the new house is a spot for a treadmill. That will be a game changer. Yes, I can go to GoodLife, but the child minding service has limited hours. Being able to go for a run whenever I need to will be amazing. Seriously – evening runs? No problem! The coffee trick is not speeding things up enough? Not a problem! Thunderstorm? Not a problem (unless the power goes out). 

Some people getting excited about new kitchens, I’m seriously just excited for a treadmill…… (Ok, kitchen a little too).

#4 One thing about American that makes me laugh/ponder

Garbage Disposals, Garborators, InSinkErator – whatever you want to call them. I only see them in the US and not in Canada. With the introduction of green bins, does anyone actually use these things? Canada – does anyone have one? What can you put in there? What is the biggest thing you can grind up?

#5 Nordstrom Rack

I went to Nordstrom Rack for the first time the other day. It is similar to Winners, but has more merchandise. Everything is discounted and scattered all over the place. You have to search around for clothes, but that is kind of fun. I found a nice dress, a necklace, watch, bracelet and some Neutrogena skincare. Good news for Canadian fans of Nordstrom – it is coming to Canada! A new store will be opening in Vaughan Mills (Toronto) and in Calgary. I hope there is an online store!

#6 Max can swim

A couple of weeks ago Max was still swimming with his life jacket on. If he swam without it, he had to hold on to us because he was scared. Within 24 hours of being in California – he was swimming. I figured it would take a pool that was shallow for him to get over his fear. Now he doesn’t use his life jacket and swims by himself. The other day we had a play date with a few kids and Max and his buddy were jumping in the deep end by themselves. Now he swims to get away from us 😀

Alrighty – time to go. Hoping that we can make it to the beach today! 

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