Thinking Out Loud Thursday #101

Happy Thursday!

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


#1 Max is finally registered for school

One of the first things we did when we came back from California was register Max for school. Since we were not sure of where we would be in September, we just delayed registering. Kindergarten registration starts in February, but really there is no rush. To register we had to drive to the Board office, but luckily there was no line and we registered in about 5 minutes. Super easy. We went home and I tried to register Max for before/after-care but the website wasn’t showing his school (or any schools). Luckily a quick phone call to the help desk and it was solved. Right now Max is scheduled for before and after care every day. I will find out about his bus schedule tomorrow and make a decision whether I continue with the after care part. Regardless, he will be going to the before-care because it is simply too tight for P and I to get to school and if I have to go away for any reason, P needs to drop Max off at 7am. Max’s school finishes at 3:45, so I have to see when the bus drop off time is to fully decide if I’m going to continue with after care. I might just keep after care regardless because it just makes things easier and I never have to worry. Second semester I will probably cancel after care as my PM school is actually just down the street from home/Max’s school.

What is kind of annoying about this whole thing is that I’m a part time teacher. I only work 1-2 periods a day, depending on the day. Somedays I don’t have to be at school until 1:00-ish, and sometimes I’m done by 2pm. The problem is that both of my schools have tumbling schedules. Some days it is classes 1-2-3-4, the other day it is 2-1-4-3. I go to my PM school every day, but my AM school only every other day. My PM schools schedule goes by the date on a Day 1 and Day 2 schedule, while my AM school rotates on a Day 1-2-3-4 schedule and does not follow the date. Confused yet? This is why I always have a planner on me, and have my AM school’s schedule on my calendar because it does get confusing.

#2 Olympics!

The Olympics have been pretty amazing so far. Lots of great moments. However, as much as I love watching the Olympics my productivity has been zero since the Games have been on. I really need to start thinking about the start of school once the Games are over. I have enjoyed tweeting with everyone about the games. I did purchase my Team Canada gear. I have something from every games since Sydney. This year I went with the sweatpants and t-shirt! I have enough Team Canada gear to last a week 🙂


#3 House Stuff

We are pretty much finished with home renovations – just a few touch ups. Our house is on the market but nothing has really happened yet. We are not worried about it as technically I am stuck in the east end for at least one more school year. Many people have asked if we have another house bought yet – no we don’t. We are waiting to see how our own house sale goes before we decide. We have a number of homes that we have our eye on. We also cannot decide on East vs. West. We did meet with the bank to be pre-approved for our next mortgage. Of course the bank gives us a ridiculous number. I can see how people get in trouble when they purchase homes at their pre-approval rate. The rate looks at your gross rate, not your net (P and I have lots of deductions) and basically minimum payments on your debt. No thanks! We did look at three price areas and have a really good idea of what we can comfortably afford. The good news is that the price that I thought would be too much is actually not bad at all. Not having to pay condo and daycare fees makes a bit of a difference.

#4 Thoughts on California

California was a great trip. I really enjoy spending time there and already planning next year’s trip. Roam Mobility was a fantastic option for my cell phone – seriously, go get a Roam SIM card if you have an unlocked phone, it is great! Next year we want to visit the beaches a bit more. We stopped by Huntington Beach on the way to our LAX hotel. So much fun! Max loves the waves and we found a place that rents chairs/umbrellas for the day. There is also a restaurant that serves fish tacos and craft beer – my kind of place!



Taking the early flight wasn’t that bad. We got to LA by the afternoon and were home in Ottawa before dinner. It definitely hurts to wake up at 3am, but it isn’t that bad. Renting a house rather than going to a hotel is something we will continue to do. If you book in advance, you can find a house for pretty much the same price as a hotel. The house we were at was great and we might stay there again next year. The neighbourhood was amazing and the house had everything one would need. As always, I stopped by Trader Joe’s quite a few times as well as the Cheesecake Factory.


#5 Max has a bike

Another thing we wanted to do right after California – getting Max a bike. He loves it! I think that Max and I will be running/biking together soon.


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  1. Jen @ Pretty Little Grub

    Roam mobility is the best!
    Also so is the cheesecake factory. Now I want some.

  2. Ann-Marie

    I have done nothing but watch the Olympics!!! In fact, I’m watching now. Lol. I like the sweatpants you bought…. I might need to get me some. Good luck with the house stuff!


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