Thinking Out Loud Thursday #102

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


#1 – Vacation is pretty much over

Less than two weeks to go before school starts – but I’m actually going into school next week. I have a bunch of things that need to get done before school starts like getting my keys back, photocopying and figuring out some course planning stuff. Nothing too time consuming but basically I need to be ready to go for the first day of school. It is Max’s first day too as I’m sure it will be a stellar morning. I already have some meetings lined up and I also have to check in with Max’s school too. I’m teaching two courses this semester. One I have taught before (but needs to be heavily revised) and a ‘new to me’ course. The new course relates to my undergrad degree – something I actually haven’t used much in my teaching career. Usually I teach open-level courses or courses in grade 9/10, this year I am teaching an upper year university-level course. I have only taught an upper year university-level course one other time, over four years ago. It is going to be fun, and really – I need the experience. It is fun putting my “social scientist” hat back on! I’m looking forward to sharing with ethnography on the Rideau Street McDonalds with the class (I’m not kidding).

Random question – if you are a Masters/PhD student in the social sciences and want to share/discuss your research with your class, let me know!

#2 – Speaking of school planning

I went back to Plum Paper for my school planner needs. Last year I just picked up a planner at the bookstore, but previously I had planners with Plum Paper. They are similar to other planners on the market. Last year, they came out with teacher planners. The Teacher planners are larger than the standard issue planners at 8.5×11 inches. If you are looking for a small planner, don’t buy the teacher planner. I added in some extra sections (communication log, To-Do lists, Checklists/Grade tracker and some extra paper for notes) which made the planner quite large. It will 100% work for me as I have carried a large teacher book before. What I’m hoping this planner will do for me is create one place for my notes/plans/checklists to be – not a separate everything.

My schedule this year is chaotic once again – and this year I’m teaching more academic classes. I need to be more organized! I love the colours of the planner but I also like how it has so much space for writing everything done. Each day is broken down into 7 sections – more than enough for a typical high school/elementary teacher. There are spots for To-Do lists and notes, and each month has a full monthly spread. I was concerned that I would run out of space on the monthly spread for my lesson topic listings – but I found a section that has a ‘year at a glance’ with lots of space to write your long term planning ideas.

The funny thing about this planner – Plum Paper is located in San Diego and I noticed that the stamp said ‘Oceanside’ – I was totally in Oceanside a few weeks ago!




#3 Serious Question regarding high school track in the US

In Ottawa we have a grand total of TWO “proper” mondo-covered tracks – one is outdoors and one is located inside a dome. Public use is allowed for a small fee and in the case of the indoor dome, restricted to certain hours due to school/club use. BUT – if you have $$, you can go. When I was in Temecula, every high school had a Mondo track. But every school’s athletic facility was bordered by high fences. I have never seen anyone use the track/athletic facilities with the exception of high school teams (mostly football at the time of year that I go). I’ve seen several American bloggers use tracks in their areas but some will fully admit to hopping the fence.

My question – are there public tracks out there? Do you all hop the fences? Where do you complete track work?

Here in Ottawa/Ontario we use our fields for community sports but not our tracks. There are very little ‘super fences’ and at at least one of my schools there are actually zero fences. People use the track at one of my schools all the time – either for running or even for walking their dogs.

#4 Congrats Kristen!

Kristen from Glitter and Dust completed her 1st Ironman last weekend! She totally crushed it, finishing 4th in her age group. She did amazing and it was fun tracking her on Sunday. The training for an Ironman is no joke. I’m really not sure how people manage to do it. Yes, it is long, probably painful and exhausting – but it is also the time commitment. I struggle with half marathon training. Kristen rocked her training – even with having a baby at home. Totally inspiring. One day I would like to try a half Ironman – but first I have to purchase a non-mountain bike and you know, learn how to swim properly 😉



That is all I have time for today – Time to go run!

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  1. Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian

    Fellow planner lover here! I haven’t tried the Plum Paper Planners, but they look like really great planners from what I’ve seen online.
    Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian recently posted…Thinking out Loud ThursdayMy Profile

  2. Jen @ Pretty Little Grub

    I wonder the same thing about track workouts. Where do I find these tracks!


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