Army Run 5K/STWM Half Progress Report #3

Happy Monday!

Busy day around here as tomorrow is the start of school – hooray! With the start of school comes a bit more predictability in my schedule. I should be returning to regularly scheduled running this week. I am supposed to be running the Beer Run on Sunday, so this upcoming week is a bit of a down week. In two weeks, I will be racing the Army Run 5K! So what have I been up to since last week?

Training Runs this Week:

Monday – 14K Long Run@ 6:25 Pace

Tuesday – off

Wednesday – 4K Tempo @ 5:29 Pace

Thursday/Friday – off

Saturday – 5K Time Trial @ 4:59 Pace

Sunday – 

This week was all about getting faster. I’ve been running steadily for a month, so it was time to amp things up a bit. Because Army Run is in 2 weeks, I have to start focusing more on speed. I have zero issues running 5K at a reasonable pace, but if I want to go sub-25 I do need to complete speed workouts.

Monday was my long run night. I went out at 6:30pm-ish. It was cooler out and I had a really great run. I ran two 5K routes and then another 4K to make it an even 14K. I ran a bit faster, averaging 6:25/km. I ran several KM at more of a 6:15 pace, and my last KM was run at 5:40 pace. Not bad! I also attempted to take a running photo and that didn’t go so well 😉


Wednesday was a tempo run. I only had about 25 minutes to run as P had a meeting. I moved up my tempo pace from 5:45 to 5:30. With the exception of the 2nd KM when I hit traffic lights, I ran each KM a bit faster. Although I think that running more has made running easier, I also think that the drop in temperature made things easier too. Most of my runs were done in weather under 20C and that felt amazing!

Thursday and Friday were days off – not really planned but with school stuff that is what happened. It probably was a good thing as I knew that Saturday would be a tougher run. Saturday was the September edition of the free Run Ottawa 5K at the Museum of Agriculture. It is an event that is free to everyone and is pretty no frills. You basically get to ‘race’ but with no chip times, medals or anything like that. Run Ottawa always has some leftover race shirts from Ottawa Race Weekend available and some door prizes. I used this 5K to test my 5K speed to see what I need to work on in the next two weeks. The 5K route is two loops around the farm – and includes a long gradual hill. I warmed up with a 2.6K run and some warm up drills/strides.


I had zero plan for the race other than to give it my best effort to see where I was at. I lined up close to the front and took off right away. I was running fairly fast for the first minute and then gradually eased up. I noticed that I was in the 4:xx range which surprised me. Since I have run the course before, I knew there would be a gradual hill up and then a downhill stretch. I eased up and relaxed up the hill, but made sure to run faster during the downhill portion. My splits for the run were:






That 4th KM gets me almost every time – in all my ‘faster’ 5K races, it is almost always the slowest KM. I have noted this for some work that I need to do in the next two weeks. Other than that, pretty solid run. My 5K’s tend to be positive split runs. Generally I try to get out and go for the 1st KM and it usually tends to be a fast KM. 4:36 is pretty fast. I’m not sure if that is the fastest KM I’ve run as both my other sub-25 times had Garmin GPS issues. My ATB 5K had me run the first KM in 4:00 and the Resolution Run had be running in the lake (?). Regardless, I would like to clean up KM 3-4. I finished the 5K in 24:56 which is just 3 seconds off my PB. Not bad! I did not have my watch set to the overall time, so I really didn’t know how close I was. I also realized that I did not run the tangents properly, causing me to run longer than 5K. I have to remember to run the tangents for Army Run!


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