Army Run 5K/STWM Half Progress Report #4

Hey Hey!


It is race week for Army Run! Army Run is a great race that I’ve run every year since 2010. I’m running/racing the 5K and hope to see many of you there. I’m in the Blue corral and plan on attempting a PB. Hopefully that still happens, depending on how the next couple of days go. Yesterday I had an unfortunate run in with a fire hydrant (more on that tomorrow) and today I was involved in a multi-vehicle collision on the highway. I’m ok, no one else was with me and everyone involved is fine. I’m expecting some back/neck pain tomorrow. Needless to say, I did not run today even though I was planning one last speed workout. Maybe tomorrow.

Last week’s workouts:

Monday – 5K Steady @6:11 pace

Tuesday – off

Wednesday – 5K Tempo @ 5:38 Pace

Thursday – 5K Speed @ 5:45 overall pace, 5:00 pace during 400m 

Friday – 6K Steady @ 6:05 pace

Saturday – off

Sunday – 13.5K “long run” at the Beer Run – unknown pace

A solid week of training where I actually ran FIVE times in a week. That rarely happens as I generally find myself a bit too busy to get out that often. I focused on speeding things up and had a great 5K tempo on Wednesday. It is the first tempo I’ve gone beyond 4K in a tempo and I went slightly faster.

Thursday was a speed workout during that insanely humid day. I attempted 12×400, but pulled the plug after 8 rounds. I warmed up by running slowly to the track by my house. The track surface is not ideal as it is squishy gravel. Because of this and the humidity, I limited my pace to 5:00/km while running the 400m repeats. Normally I like to go a bit faster. I was a sweaty mess after that one!

Friday was just a 6K steady that was also a bit hot. I’m definitely glad the temperatures are dropping a bit! Running in the heat definitely makes me slower. Luckily Army Run is looking like rain and under 20C. Sunday was the Beer Run. We ran about 13.5KM in total, but all broken up. I will be writing a separate post for this one. The good news is that I found the run quite a bit easier this year! Hopefully that results in a better STWM race.


I’m missing the traditional long run this week. I’m unsure whether I will go beyond 8K this week for a long run. But I’m hoping to get in a 16K run in next week! I’m honestly not concerned at all.

So hopefully this week goes equally as well as last week! Have a great Monday!

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