STWM Progress Report #5

Happy Monday!!

Finally catching a bit of a break with all the things I have going right now. I have picked out a new-to-me car and should have it as soon as my insurance cheque arrives. We have been searching and searching to find a decent car that won’t break the bank. Now that the search is completed and all my typical September teaching events are winding up, I should have a bit more time on my hands. STWM is only three weeks to go and I’m struggling to keep up with training.

Last week was a bit of a difficult week. I have a number of items on my plate and sometimes running has to come second. I did manage to run 4 times last week, but two of those runs were 3K runs. I simply ran out of time and only had time to get a quick 16 minute run in. I’m figuring that 3K is better than nothing, so that is the attitude I’ve had. I managed on Thursday to run about 5K with the school’s Cross Country Team. My Garmin took forever to load, so I have no idea on pace/actual distance – but I have a pretty good idea of the distance. I ended up running with a grade nine who was running a bit too fast and had to slow down a few times. It was lots of fun! I am hoping to make it out for another practice this week.

After that, I took both Friday and Saturday off – this was unplanned but both Friday after school and most of Saturday = car shopping. I planned on running 16K on Sunday. I decided to run my 16K run while we had an open house going. I ended up parking at one of my schools that is close to the path and planned on running two 8KM loop. The path was very busy with lots of runners and bikes out since the weather was perfect. P and Max joined me for the first 8K loop – except they were on their bikes. I ended up running the first 8 loop in about 49:00 – a bit faster than my usual long run pace. However, I felt great and was able to talk the entire time.

At about 6K in, I realized that Max had barely touched his lunch – so they went off to “Eat Fresh” (aka Subway) for a sandwich. I told them that I would meet them back at the house around 4pm. Since the school is 2K from my house, I planned on running only about 4K total on the path, loop back to my house and run the last 2K near my house. I ran the first 4K portion of the 2nd loop at a great pace – however right around 6:00/KM. Normally, I’m anywhere from 6:20-6:45 in a long run. I hit 10K and realized that I almost went sub-60 in a long run (was around 61:00). I don’t think I’ve ever been faster than 63:00 in a long run. I ran back to the school and as I was crossing in front of it – my stupid Garmin died. The entire run was deleted and gone forever. So not happy!!

Luckily, I was in an area where I know all the KM markings. I was at the 2K from my house spot and I know where the 1KM mark is from my house so I went on my way. I did turn on the Nike+ app and forgot to turn it on to KM. Although I understand miles on a treadmill, I have no idea where miles are on my regular route, so it was pointless. I knew that to break 1:50 in a 16K long run, I had to be back by 4:05pm. The last 2 KM were pretty rough, but I managed to get back at exactly 4:05. Sweet!

I’m hoping next week’s 18K long run will go just as well. This week I have a few longer runs planned, as well as a tempo run. I did plan on running up to 20K in a long run, but once again, timing jst didn’t work out. I do think that running all those tempo runs will be making a big difference. I’m hoping to have a great race in less than 3 weeks time!

Along with no Garmin stats for my long run – I also have zero pictures of anything running related this week. #BloggerFail

Have a great Monday!

Here is an old photo:

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  1. Lynda Turner

    I have been enjoying reading your blogs for the past 4 months. I too find difficulties balancing work, kids, home life responsibilities and training. I am glad to see I am not the only one. Here is to hoping we can fit our training in to meet our race goals.

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)


      Thanks for reading!

      Yes – the balancing act can be difficult some days. I’m looking forward to finally getting a treadmill when I move, and hopefully that will help


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