Thinking Out Loud #106

Another Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


#1 – New car, right now

My insurance company wrote off my Ford Fusion, so I have to find a new car asap. I’m currently driving a rental, but apparently I have to return it by Monday. This basically gives me about 2 days to find a new-to-me car. We already have one kind of picked out, but want to try a few more options first. We are most likely getting another Fusion.


#2 – Max and kindergarten

Max is having a great time at his new school. He has not cried nor complained about going and apparently is making friends with everyone. Actually he did cry once – when I picked him up early. We have noticed that he is talking quite a bit more and doing more things for himself. He has been eating all of his lunch and sleeping well. There is a new language program at Ottawa English-schools were kindergarteners all receive 50% of the day in French and 50% in English.There is no choice in this and immersion now starts in grade one. Max is picking up French – he even randomly starting counting in French the other day.


#3 This is Us 

Did anyone watch the premiere of This is Us? It is a Parenthood-style show but with a bit of a twist. The twist was revealed at the end of the episode and it is pretty good. The doctor in the show is played by the actor from Major Dad (who remembers that show?). Fun Fact – I’ve met him before. I was a special skill extra in a made-for-tv movie (I played the cello in an orchestra) and he was in it. I remember him reading his book in between takes. Anyways, I’m looking forward to having another program to watch other than Grey’s.

#4 Rio Pin!

In the mail this week was a Team Canada Rio pin! Nicole Sifuentes said on twitter a few weeks ago that she had some extras and who wanted one. Definitely a really cool pin, thanks Nicole!


#5 Darth Vader

Max decided months ago that he really wanted to be Darth Vader for Halloween. Lucky for him, a Disney Store opened in Ottawa and they have all the Star Wars costumes. The quality is pretty good and it comes with a Darth Vader voice box. Max barely took off the costume this weekend.


#6 It is that time of year





Have a great Thursday! 


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  1. Jen @ Pretty Little Grub

    This is us looks really cute. I wish I had cable to keep up with it.


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