Thinking Out Loud Thursday #104

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


#1 Hold up, It is Thursday??!?!??!

Seriously, I had no idea it was Thursday. I kept thinking about what I would write for tomorrow’s post, not realizing that tomorrow is Friday. This week has been a little busy with the start up of another school year. My schedule is pretty much set for the semester, but I’ve had a few other items on my agenda this week. Hopefully next week is more calm. It has also been very humid in Ottawa and that makes it a little hard to work, especially at my PM school that has no A/C and lots of windows. On Tuesday I went to all three schools, but did not end up teaching until 2pm. From now on, I just go to two schools per day.




#2 The real reason I didn’t PB on Saturday

I was too busy posing for photos than looking at my watch 😛


#3 Some easy reads

I finally was able to get a library copy of Shopaholic to the Rescue and Revenge Wears Prada. They will probably be cheesy, but very easy reads. I haven’t watched The Devil Wears Prada in awhile. One of my favorite movies!



#4 Cristina Yang Returns?

It is a heavy rumour right now – but there is a chance that Cristina Yang will return to Grey’s Anatomy for an episode. I hope this rumour is true, but not holding my breath. I’m at the point watching the series on Netflix where Cristina is gone and the show just doesn’t have the same tone. Grey’s does return soon! Can’t wait!


I do not have much else to report – I’ve either been working or running! Ottawa Beer Run is this Sunday, Army Run next Sunday! I’ve been busy doing faster workouts including a very humid, sticky 8x400m today at race pace. Brutal!

Have a great Thursday!

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