Thinking Out Loud Thursday #107

Happy Thursday!

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


#1 Earned a Runner’s Badge of Honour

Yesterday I went out for a 10K run at “race pace”. Right away, I noticed that my toes on the left foot were hurting but rather than turn back, I just kept going. I figured I would get a blister (typical on the left) and that would be it. When I got to the 8K mark, I noticed that my sock felt wet and I figured I was in for a treat when I took off my shoe. I will spare you the details and photos, but I indeed had my first bloody toe incident. So gross. I cleaned up my toe and put a Star Wars bandaid on it. I might have to tape my toes for STWM as my toes overlap a bit and cause blisters all the time. Thoughts?


#2 Speaking of that 10K race pace run

I ran 10K yesterday at 5:50/KM pace. That is what I think my race pace will be for STWM. It is a pretty comfortable pace for me and should equal a substantial PB. With a few more weeks/miles I could probably challenge myself and attempt a sub-2:00, but I know what my limitations are with my kind of training. I think a 2;05 is within reach. Hopefully no pit stops this time! Yesterday went fairly well and I was running on tired legs. I ran a progressive 5K run the day before. This weekend is my last long run at 18K. I would have liked to have gotten to 20K, but it is better that I have 2 weeks of taper than try and run too close to STWM


#3 New iPhone

Ever since the iPhone 7 was announced, I have been watching the Telus corporate page for the iPhone 6S to go on sale. Luckily, as soon as the 7 arrived, they were offering the 6S 64G iPhone for $0. I don’t pay extra for phones, and I wanted something with more space than 16G. Luckily I jumped on the deal when I did, because they just increased the price for the 6S to $200. As of right now, I still have my 5S. It is unlocked and most likely I will sell it – but the box is in the storage unit.



I purchased an otter box case in my favorite teal colour. Thankfully I went with a tough case as I’ve already dropped my case 2x, including once in the driveway!

#4 New Car

We have purchased a new-to-us vehicle. I still don’t have it yet because we are still waiting for the insurance cheque. I don’t know what I dislike more – the whole house for sale process or purchasing a new-used car. Although it seems like fun, it took way too much time and effort. I’m glad at least one of those processes is finished. We did go for a slightly smaller vehicle (Nissan Sentra) – but it has lots of room and has bluetooth (my other car did not).

#5 Instagram vs. Snapchat

Anyone else noticing that many people have started jumping ship from Snapchat and going to Instagram stories? I find that people are posting less on Snapchat, if at all.

Alrighty, time to finish off this afternoon! Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Melizz @ lemoncrumbs

    I hope you’ll reach your goal of a sub 2H05 half-marathon ! It’s what I’d love to do in a week too, i’ll probably do a lot more though :).
    As for your foot you can try to put a plaster on your toe before running, maybe the fact that your toes will not be touching then will help ?


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