Base Season

Happy Halloween!

I have my last race of the 2016 season on Sunday. I will be participating in the Cookie Run this year and will be running the 10K. More of a fun race for me than anything. I haven’t been training as much lately because of having that awful cold but also being pretty busy at work. After the 10K, I have nothing left for 2016 unless I plan on running the Resolution Run.

Fall/Winter for me is all about building a base. I’m still unsure of my focus for 2017, but I’m assuming that I will run a few half marathons and 5Ks. I think I will be focusing on the 5K for the first part of the year and then moving on to the half marathon for Ottawa Race Weekend. Then, who knows, although I might be interested in running the Commander’s Challenge at Army Run next year.

During the late months of the year, I take a bit of a step back from running and focus more on strength and conditioning. I will admit that I have barely been to GoodLife during the last training cycle. Things are about to change though as I usually end up going to the gym 2-4x a week starting in November. I do not run in snow/ice conditions and tend to favour the treadmill. I also need to work on my strength – especially my core. I have already been to GoodLife once this week and ran 2 miles but also did a number of strength exercises to build my core. I ended up going to another GoodLife location that is close to Max’s school. I used to go to that location all of the time. Funny enough, I saw some familiar faces there (including a few athletes from my track club!).

My focus might not be solely on running right now, but next year is already on my mind. I have a few things to work on and in order to be a better and stronger runner, I need to put in some work during the off-season. It really helped last year and I’m hoping for an even better year in 2017.


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