STWM Progress Report #6 – The Taper is on!

Hey Hey!

Tonight I finished my last long run before STWM. Taper is officially on. I plan on running an easy run tomorrow, 10K on Sunday, 5K on Wednesday and I’m shutting it down. I’m really looking forward to STWM weekend. I hope to see some of you there!

Last week was a pretty solid week for training, minus the move of the long run from Sunday to tonight. Sometimes life gets in the way and those long runs take a large portion of a morning or afternoon. But, I got that 18K done (more on that in a bit).

Last week’s training

Monday – Off

Tuesday – 5K Progressive Run in 26:40

Wednesday – 10K Race Pace in 58:51 (57 according to Strava – had Garmin issues and used Strava)

Thursday – Off

Friday – 6K Steady in 35:29

Saturday – Off

Sunday – 5K Tempo in 27:23 with 2K of Speed in the Middle

I pretty much rocked all my runs last week. Normally during half marathon training I run most of my runs in the 6:00+ range. Prior to September, I was struggling to just go under 30:00 for a 5K. I’m not sure why I’ve suddenly become more used to running at a faster pace, but I swear those tempo runs are magic. Once I started regularly running at a tempo pace, faster paces seemed more natural to me. The 5K progressive run was fun, but once again my stupid Garmin ate the data. Luckily I had a good idea of my splits. I finished the last KM in 4:54 which is a little jaw dropping for me. First KM? Sure, but the last one?

Wednesday I went out for a 10K at race pace and finished with one of my fastest 10K times. Actually, maybe the 2nd fastest 10K? My PB is 54-something. The run started off with the wind and I kept a solid pace. Right away I noticed that my left toes were aching. I normally get blisters during long runs, but this time it was more of a sharp pain. I ignored it and carried on with the run. When I turned around, I was going against the wind. I just kept my head down and kept moving. I ended up running most of the KM in the 5:40-range, and the last KM in 5:28. When I got home, I took off my shoe and saw blood everywhere, gross! I earned a runner’s badge!

Friday was an easy 6K on the Ottawa River Path. Nothing special, just got it done. Sunday was supposed to be a long run, but adventures in America took longer than expected. I also was having some GI issues and knew a long run would be trouble. I decided for an easy 5K, but that turned into a warm-up, speed work, cool down style of workout. I coasted through the first KM, and gradually got faster. I ended up running KM 3 and 4 in 5:06 and 4:58, followed by an easy 5:36 (lol) to cool down. Gotta get that 4th KM fast for the next 5K race I run!

As mentioned, I finally ran my 18K long run this evening. Quite honestly I did not want to run it and felt like quitting after the first 5K loop. I kept trucking along and by 10K I was comfortable. I was so comfortable that with the last 5K, I decided to through in a progressive run. Why not? I ran the last 5K all below 6:00, and finishing the last two KM at 5:34 and 5:20 <—– WHAT? As usual, I’m wishing I had a few more weeks to prepare for STWM. But who knows what will happen next week.

Have a great rest of the evening!


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  1. Jeff @ Toronto Run Club

    Nice work Rebecca! It sounds like you will be in great shape for your upcoming half. It’s hard to believe it’s so soon! Personally, I was also struggling with my speed during August and early September. I just couldn’t get going, As you said, even a 6:00+ km pace for a 5km run felt like a slog. I’ve been working in some sprint work the last few weeks and it’s making all the difference. Just like how the tempo running seems to have really gotten you in the zone. That 10K performance (including the sock full of blood) is super epic. Sounds like you will be in great shape for race day. Well done!
    Jeff @ Toronto Run Club recently posted…Getting Started with TorontoRunClub.caMy Profile


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