STWM Progress Report #7 – Ready to Go

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian Friends!  

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving meal yesterday or will enjoy one today. We are doing the whole turkey thing today as we don’t need to travel this time. I know I’m eating turkey from now until we leave on Friday for Toronto 🙂

Last little bit of training is happening. I went to Physio 2x last week and have my legs ready to go for next Sunday. I have my last massage therapy session tomorrow and I should be good to go. I tend to have a bit of post-tib niggles after physio, so I’ve been running less often. I only ran 3x last week: a 6K, 18K and 7K. This week I will just run maybe one more 5K on Wednesday and call it a day. My run on Sunday was supposed to be 10K, but unfortunately just like last Sunday, my GI system wasn’t cooperating. I had to take a washroom break and ended up cutting the run short. But, I still ran 31K last week, which is fairly decent.

Funny enough, I was browsing through the Running Room book’s half marathon plans and I’m not actually far off from that plan, but a few weeks ‘behind’. If I had a few more weeks, I could have easily finished that plan. I always thought those plans were too much running for me. Again, with the hopeful addition of a treadmill, I should be able to get my mileage up in the next training cycle I attempt.


What are my goals for STWM?

My goal is a pretty simple one: To run the whole half marathon without taking a walking break.

I’ve never accomplished this. I started running half marathons with the 10/1 method (10 minutes running, 1 minute walking) and have gradually evolved to running most of the race, except walking through water stations and the occasional bathroom break. Obviously the whole GI system thing needs to be under control and I’m planning on drinking lots of water this week, eliminating high fibre/known problem foods out of my diet by Wednesday and taking Imodium before the race. Weather is looking warm (no gloves this year) but now we might get some showers. I honestly don’t care about rain, but I am hoping that the wind dies down a bit (forecast is 20 km/hr).


If I’m having a good day, I *may* try for that sub-2, but I’m unsure of that goal. I believe I have it in me to run a sub 2, I just don’t know if I’m ready for that yet. I do have some 5K splits written down and if I can make the first two 5K’s, I might try and go for it. I am also thinking about ditching the GPS watch and just using a standard timer watch.

I’m hoping to see some of you at the STWM expo on Saturday. I might come out for the Friendship Run, but I’m definitely going to be at Lanni’s talk at 11:20ish.

Here is to the taper and can’t wait to see some of my running friends next weekend!


From John Stanton's FB page

From John Stanton’s FB page

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  1. Kristi Raz

    Hope the weather is good for you! Sounds like you have had some really good training runs this cycle, you should be in for a good run!
    Stupid GI issues! I had problems today on my long run and there aren’t a lot of porta potties along the river! I owe starbucks in westboro one!
    So far in the days before a race white rice is what works for me. Hoping that will be the case for all races – knock on wood.

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Plain food and no beer for me this week 🙁

    2. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I’m pretty sure that unless I have a bathroom break I will PB! Should be a good race 🙂

  2. Jeff

    It sounds like you’re (literally) in great shape for the race! With a little luck and race day adrenaline your goal will certainly be achievable 🙂

    Until then, enjoy the taper… and the leftovers!
    Jeff recently posted…10 Days Until Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon #STWMMy Profile


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