Thinking Out Loud #110

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


#1 Where is Doggy Donut?

There is this dog that we call “doggy donut”. That is not his real name – he has some non-traditional dog name that escapes me at the moment. Anyways, he is seriously the best dog. Doggy Donut and his owner are regularly seen in at the park by my house. Doggy Donut is a calm, affectionate dog who doesn’t mind one bit when all the kids come over to him to pet him. I’m not kidding – when doggy donut appears, the kids run to him. Doggy Donuts owner is a great owner. He always talks to the kids and seems to have this calm aura. One time a few years ago, a random dog escaped from a yard and was running around the ballpark where some dogs are allowed off-leash. The ballpark is fenced, but there are two ways out that a dog could get through. This dog saw Max and I walked and ran right over to us, jumping on Max in a playful manner, but enough to almost knock 2 year old Max off the ground. Doggy Donut’s owner saw this happening and ran as fast as he could to get ahold of the random dog and ensure we were ok.

We always see Doggy Donut out on walks. Even last year when we were leaving for the airport at 4am, I saw doggy donut. Maybe it is because we have been getting home later, but we haven’t seen Doggy Donut in awhile. There has been no for sale sign in front of his unit. I have noticed a random person walking two “doggy donut” breed dogs around, so maybe Doggy Donut’s owner is on vacation. But still, I hope doggy donut is ok….


#2 School Classifieds

My work uses Google for internet based apps – we used Gmail, Google Drive and all things Google. We have Google Groups where we have access to messages sent to specific schools but also general information. There is also a classifieds group that people can post for sale items. The classifieds board has been known to be legendary in terms of the random things you can find. Sure there is the usual kids clothing, furniture and snow tires available, but there are also some gems. A couple of years ago, someone posted a sale for something like 100 VHS tapes. I’ve seen Ground Beef, puppy pee pads, and my favourite from yesterday – a burial plot. Anyways, I tend to browse through the classifieds to see if something interesting pops up. Someone posted a 2010 Macbook Pro for $200. I quickly snapped that up and now have a newer Macbook to replace my ancient 2008 version. I need to replace the battery, but that shouldn’t be too difficult.


#3 Peppermint Chocolate Coffee.

I’ve been enjoying this coffee – I found this particularly brew in the US, but apparently the coffee was packaged in Canada, so maybe I can find it here?  I love peppermint-chocolate anything, so this coffee hits the spot.


#4 Halloween Time!

My costume is Rey from Star Wars. We had Max’s Halloween party at his school on Friday, and I’m supervising my high school’s dance tomorrow. Regardless, I will be in costume on Monday too!


#5 This is Us and Gilmore Girls!

Did you watch This is Us on Tuesday? Don’t worry, no spoilers here but once again another cliffhanger-style episode. The next few episodes should be interesting! The official Gilmore Girls trailer came out the other day and all of us GG fans went a little crazy. Apparently some of you are not fans of Gilmore Girls – what?! I’m just kidding, as I know there are shows that people like or don’t like. Some have questioned what the big deal is – and I think you truly have to have been a fan of the show when it originally aired to fully understand what the big deal is. If you have watched the entire series, the last episode left lots of questions and open-ended plot lines because the cast and crew had no idea that the show as going to be cancelled. The story wasn’t fully finished and the last season did not feature the original writers. I don’t think GG will be back after these four “movie episodes”, but I’m hoping it finally gives some closure. Also, does Alexis Bledel age?!?

That is all for today – have a great Thursday!

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  1. mom

    buy the boy a puppy!!!!!!!

  2. Runwright

    I am looking forward to the new GG. I know This is Us is definitely my kind of show but I haven’t been watching. Netflix has totally spoiled me so I don’t watch shows on TV, I just wait for the end of the season so I can binge watch all the episodes and since I keep hearing about all those cliffhangers, i think I made the right decision.
    On another note, I watched an alternate ending for How I Met Your Mother today that thought was better than the original that was showed on tv – that was another show that I didn’t want to end and was so upset at the way it did.
    Runwright recently posted…Fitness Focus 10 28 16My Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      We are considering giving up cable/satellite when we move – just use Netflix and streaming!


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