Thinking Out Loud Thursday #108

Happy Thursday!

Another Thursday, linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons


#1 Busy Busy

Life has been busy – school, work, car stuff, house stuff. Lots of things on the go. This week things are starting to calm down a little bit and hopefully by the time I leave for STWM/Toronto on Friday a few more things are settled (vague blogging, I know). I have finally caught up on all of my online marking and English class marking – but still have some other marking to do. I’ve been working full time for the past couple of weeks, so maybe that is why I feel more busy? Taper has has come at the best time as I’m not rushing off to run this week and can fully concentrate on school. I have no idea how some of you find the time to run more than 75KM in a week…

But I like to sleep, so…


#2 Cars!

Last week I finally picked up my new-to-me car. Took forever for the whole insurance process to finalize. Since we basically wanted to pay cash for the vehicle we had to find one in our price range and that was no easy task in a short time frame. I have a Nissan Sentra – not my dream car, but it works. It is a bit narrower than my Ford Fusion but honestly has plenty of room for our needs. Before the whole accident thing happened, we were on the hunt for a ‘commuter car’. Because P drives 100KM a day in his commute, he typically drives an older car that he picks up for under $3000. Cars in that price range are a little hard to come by, so it takes some time. We finally purchased that car on the weekend. It is a 2008 Volkswagen Golf – needs a bit of work, but should be fine. Previously we drove a 1998 Honda Civic and a 1999 Buick Le Sabre, so a 2008 for our commuter car is luxury! It is a manual transmission car, so I will have to get used to the whole clutch thing again, yay…



#3 Teacher’s Field Trip

We had a PD Day on Friday and one of my schools went on a Teacher’s Field Trip. We went on an Indigenous walk and it was fantastic. Our tour guide provided lots of insight on Aboriginal life and some key historical facts regarding Ottawa and Aboriginal peoples. It also helped that it was a beautiful day. Many of us commented that we have been to downtown Ottawa many times but not really appreciated any of the elements we walked by.


#4 Thanksgiving Foods

I’m so full from the weekend. We had the traditional Turkey dinner, Butternut Squash Soup + taco night! The best part about Turkey Dinner is that the rest of the week’s meals are super easy. Tonight is Turkey Pot Pie night! Delicious!




#5 Shutterfly

If you are not on Shutterfly’s mailing list – you need to be. I keep getting emails with “free gifts” where I just have to pay for shipping. I’ve so far received calendars, photo albums, art prints and 4×6 prints. I think I’ve just bought a few 8×10’s. They probably make some money off of shipping, but still….it is a deal (especially for the photo books!). This week I received a mousepad!


That is it for today – Have a great Thursday!!!


Ps. It is my Dad’s Birthday today – Happy Birthday and yes I bought you your traditional beer present 😉


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  1. Jeff

    Thanks for the tip on the Shutterfly list, I will have to sign up! Glad you were able to pull the trigger on the car and good luck with your final preparations for STWM!

  2. Patricia @Sweet and Strong

    I love having all the leftover turkey after Thanksgiving, it’s one of my favorite holidays in the states. All your leftover meals sound delicious! And yay for a new car, that’s always exciting!


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