A Day in the Life: Short Commute Edition

Hey There!

I figured I would do another Day in the Life post before my schedule/commute changes. Enjoy!

6:30am – Wake up

If you have seen the movie Wall-E, you might remember the scene when Wall-E “wakes up”. I wake up just like that. Very slowly and until I have coffee, not very functional. I drink a cup of coffee and also make lunches

7:15am – Shower/Get Ready

That includes both Max and myself. However today Max has decided to sleep in. Great.

7:40am – Get Max up

Max has to be woken up and he is not happy. I give him breakfast and his clothes while I get our things together.

8:10am – we are out the door

Max’s school is only 5 minutes away. Much better than the years he was at the home daycare 20 minutes away and the pre-school 15 minutes away. We arrive at school and I get his stuff together and then sign him into before-care

8:40am – Arrive at school #1

Not a bad commute today. Surprisingly, I am able to do all the Max school things and drive to school in 20 minutes. The other day it took me 40 minutes to drive 7KM.

8:45am – Breakfast and check mailbox/photocopy

I eat some yoghurt and check my mailbox. Look, a present!

I also chat with my fellow teachers and make sure I have everything ready to go as I teach both periods in the morning.

9:15am – First class, English

Today we are talking about newspapers and completing a pre-reading activity for To Kill a Mockingbird

10:30am – Second Class, resource period

I work in the resource room the next period. I have students that are assigned to me and I check in with them.
11:50 – Lunch!

and by lunch, what I really mean is I jump in my car and head to school #2. The drive takes anywhere from 15-25 minutes depending on traffic. But since I do not have class until 2pm, I can stop by Starbucks first for a coffee. My schedule has changed again and as of yesterday, I have to teach right at 12:30, so no more Starbucks for me.

12:30 – Prep Period

This is my period to prepare lessons, mark, check emails and do that sort of thing. Today I had to work on a powerpoint, but also get ready for parent-teacher interviews that evening. I also re-arranged the desks in my classroom as my class decided they did not like the pods arrangement but enjoyed the U-formation set-up. I also eat my lunch alone. I rarely eat lunch with people.

1:50 – Class, Anthro, Psych and Sociology

Today we were working on personality tests and discovering a bit about each other. The students had to complete a few online tests and summarize the information.
3:10 – Run out the door.

School is over at school #2 – but I have to be back at school #1 in 30 minutes for Parent-Teacher interviews. I hop in my car and hope that traffic is light.

3:40 – Back at school #2

Back so soon….

I quickly gather my paperwork at head to my interview room.

3:55 – First interview.

I basically non-stop talk for 1.5 hours.

5:30 – Dinner time

I head to the staff room for dinner and chat with my teaching friends about “The Crown”. A few people ask me what my name is because I am out of the building so often/my #1 school has a large number of staff. Usually when I say my name I get the response of “ohhh you are THAT person”.

6:00pm – Back at it.

More interviews for another hour.

7:30pm – Head home.

Home time! I head back home, which is only a 10 minute drive when there is no traffic.

8pm-8:45pm – Max bedtime routine.

Some nights Max goes to bed easily, some nights it takes awhile. Tonight is an average of 45 minutes for bath, story and bed.

9:00pm – Dishes

9:15pm – Grey’s Anatomy!

Yay for the Grey’s winter finale. The usual cliffhangers are present along with the usual disaster. Predictable!

10:30pm – Bed!



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  1. Ann-Marie

    You are so busy in a day with the two school business! Any chance that will change soon? I’m tired looking at your day! 😜 Good luck moving!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Yes – second semester I just have one school. But I have to try and supply in the PM but I’m hoping to do most of that at CB


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